Pramana Zahill Kintamani Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Pramana Zahill Kintamani Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Celebration of the first anniversary of Pramana Zahill Kintamani took place lively. The committee prepared a variety of very good entertainment which was enjoyed with accompaniment of bonfire that could warm up the atmosphere at that time. The atmosphere of the celebration became more meaningful because it was also attended by invitees from the Board of Directors and Corporate Office of Pramana Experience family and several invitees from closest relations of Pramana Zahill Kintamani.

In relation to the celebration of the first anniversary, Pramana Zahill Kintamani also held joint prayer activities at Batur Temple and at the local hotel. In addition, outbound events from all staff and nightly entertainment events were also held to give meaning to the celebration. Climax of the celebration was filled with cutting rice cone which made the event feel very warm among the fog of Kintamani, Batur.

Resort Manager, Made Karda, stated that his party hopes that the Pramana Zahill Kintamani can become the leading hotel in Kintamani and Bangli District. “We also hope that the restaurant at this hotel can compete with the cafés around Penelokan and become one of the destinations for culinary tours in Kintamani,” added Made Karda in his speech on Friday (Dec 23).

According to Made Karda, Pramana Zahill has experienced rapid development during its first year with very high demand. “However, we are not proud of ourselves because higher challenges will be faced in the following years,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sales Manager of the hotel, Yanti, also expressed her pride in being a Sales Manager at Pramana Zahill who showed progress in its first year. “Besides, Pramana Zahill Kintamani is the only hotel in Bangli that has a ballroom, so the expansion next year will really help consumers’ room needs,” said Yanti kindly. (BTN/015)

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