Pulau Plastik Builds Awareness of the Importance of Environmental Sustainability

Pulau Plastik Builds Awareness of the Importance of Environmental Sustainability

Everyone is preoccupied with immune matters during the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, what about the news on plastic waste? In fact, this is still the concern of everyone, including the Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta Sunset Road. As evidence, the hotel located on Jalan Merdeka Raya Gang VII, Kuta, Badung, is still committed to campaigning to reduce the use of single-use plastic waste. “We are collaborating with Pulau Plastik (Plastic Island) in implementing a social movement having a mission to reduce plastic waste in Bali,” said General Manager, Christy Guna Desa, on Tuesday (Apr 27).

The movement invited to watch the Pulau Plastik movie at Trans Studio Mall XXI Bali on April 24 at 14:20 Local Time. At least 56 people watched the movie by still implementing the health protocols. “By watching this movie, at least 56 viewers will have their eyes opened to the facts about the use of plastic and its impact on this beloved earth. The Pulau Plastik movie is a collaborative campaign to raise the issue of single-use plastic, and explore plastic waste in Indonesia, how to enter our food chain and affect our health, and how to resolve this single-use plastic waste problem,” she explained.

This social movement is a collaboration with Pulau Plastik which has a mission to reduce plastic waste in Bali. The invited audiences are internal associates (staff), partners and agents who have supported room sales, influencers and content creators, media partners as well as vendors and suppliers. “It’s a wonderful movie. We need to stop the single use plastic. We cannot be part of the problem, but part of the solution. Let’s come together, everyone, government and corporation (private and public). We need to start now!” said Christy Guna Desa.

The Pulau Plastik movie opens up the eyes and heart of the audience after knowing the facts about the plastic around them. The audience can have the same understanding regarding the background why as consumers and humans who live on this earth must be more aware and start minimizing the use of disposable plastic waste in everyday life.

“After watching this movie, surely you will be inspired to reduce plastic waste and this movie really influences the audience,” said content creator Kevin Helmy, who was invited because of his emotional closeness and he had the experience of staying at the Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta.

Likewise, Ramelia Vitra, who has the same profession as Kevin, she also has emotional closeness because she had the experience of staying at Fairfield Bali Kuta. “The Pulau Plastik movie must be watched by all Indonesians and the whole world,” she affirmed.

After that, they become a small part of the solution to the existing plastic waste problem. “What we can control is ourselves and how to apply plastic reduction in our daily life,” said Co-Producer of Pulau Plastik, Andre Dananjaya, who currently works as a Creative Media Producer at Kopernik, Ubud.

In accordance with the solution offered by watching the Pulau Plastik movie, Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta established in December 2019 is getting stronger with the spirit presented in its hotel as an eco-friendly hotel. It consciously tries to reduce the use of plastics, such as by using gallon water and drinking bottles that can be carried everywhere while in the hotel area and of course can be refilled. Besides, it also uses bamboo straws and in-room amenities that do not contain plastic, such as wooden toothbrushes. After being used by guests, housekeeping team will upgrade them to make photo frame.

Meanwhile, in the back of the house, waste management is also carried out by using gunny sacks that can be re-washed and reused to accommodate waste in accordance with the categorization of organic and non-organic and so on. (BTN/015)

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