Purana Boutique Resort Receives CHSE Certificate

Purana Boutique Resort Receives CHSE Certificate

Staying overnight at Purana Boutique Resort is definitely safer. This is because the tourist accommodation located in Banjar Kumbuh, Mas Village, Ubud, Gianyar, has received a certificate of Cleanliness, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE). This certificate is an evidence that Purana Boutique Resort has implemented the Health Protocol properly. “Purana Boutique Resort has participated in the CHSE verification from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in collaboration with Sucofindo. The score is quite satisfying namely 99 percent,” said Manager I Ketut Warasana, on Wednesday (Jan. 26).

Warasana further added that the certificate is not meant to be pretentious, but is really a form of hygiene and health application at hotel. Purana Boutique Resort has the room categories such as one-bed room pool villa, two-bed room pool villa and four-bed room pool villa. This is very serious in following government recommendations in implementing health protocols which has become an important part during Covid-19 pandemic. “We are very serious about running the health protocols. All staff and employees are also disciplined in carrying out the protocols by wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance (3M) while working and under supervision for all guests staying at the Purana,” he said.

The health of all employees and guests is an important part of their daily life. Hence, control is continuously carried out in preventing the spread of Covid-19. This is an effort to support tourism in Bali so that it can quickly recover and foreign guests can immediately go to Bali and this world can return to normal. “Since the beginning, Purana has followed the government’s recommendations regarding the implementation of health protocol and carrying out the New Era of Bali life order by performing routine cleaning with disinfectants, preparing a place to wash hands, hand sanitizer, adjusting the distance and taking body temperature measurements for every person who enters the villa,” he said.

To attract visits, Purana Boutique Resort has made breakthroughs in the market currently targeted. This pandemic teaches many things about the meaning of health in carrying out routines in tourism. Ubud, which is one of the destinations in Bali, has started to gradually recover from December 2020. The big hope is for domestic guests to choose Ubud as their destination.

“The extension of the ban for foreign nationals (WNA) to Indonesia until February 8 has made us think twice to survive again. Not to mention the extension of the Restrictions on Community Activities (PKM) and Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), so that the domestic guests we expect will decrease,” added this energetic man. (BTN/015)

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