Purificatory Rite at Taman Alit Temple Believed to Heal Various Diseases

Purificatory Rite at Taman Alit Temple Believed to Heal Various Diseases

Pelukatan Dasa Mala at Taman Alit Temple, Sukasada Subdistrict, is believed to be able to cure various kinds of diseases, both medical and non-medical ones. Getting to the location is not too difficult. Just past the 100 meter long footpath from the main road bordering with Tegallinggah Village and Selat Village, Sukasada Subdistrict.

According to the owner, Jro Putu Sweca, this temple is an ancestral heritage located on private land. “The springs come from various directions and never dry out throughout the season,” he said while serving residents who were performing melukat.

The ritual means in use for performing melukat only requires pejatian oblation without chicken meat. “Anytime is fine, there is no time restriction. However, it is most crowded during the full moon and new moon. But there are also those who choose Kajeng Kliwon moment,” he added.

People who perform melukat usually get divine whisper and are told to look for the location of the Pelukatan Dasa Mala at Taman Alit Temple. “There have been lots of temples for Pelukatan Suda Mala. Well, the Pelukatan Dasa Mala (purificatory rite for ten impurities) can only be found at Selat Village,” said Made Rena, one of the pilgrims who performed the melukat.

He admitted that he had repeatedly performed such self-purificatory rite, both for his own health and for his family’s health, or he came to accompany his relatives. “There is a friend of mine who has failed several times to go on a cruise ship. He was always faced with obstacles, but after being purified here, it turned out that he was able to qualify immediately after a few days. So, it is not just for healing, but also for family harmony,” he added. (BTN/Dp)

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