Putra Subali Starts His Career from Sales & Marketing Manager

Putra Subali Starts His Career from Sales & Marketing Manager

Do you still remember the convenience of staying at Sanctoo Suites & Villas? It is I Putu Subali Adi Putra is able to manage the safe and comfortable the resort for tourists. The man who serves as General Manager is always creative in creating tourist attractions that can make tourists comfortable. One of them is by staying overnight while exploring the Zoo, namely Bali Zoo with various types of animals. “I do not only want to provide maximum services, but also offer interesting experiences while staying at Sanctoo Suites & Villas,” said the man who was born in Negara on September 11, 1979 calmly.

Putra Subali, as he is usually addressed, always has new ideas in managing the accommodation he leads, including in attracting tourist visits. Other than presenting packages, he also improves services so as to provide satisfaction for his guests. Moreover, The Sanctoo Villas has added the category of suites officially opened on July 7, 2020, so that now The Sanctoo Villas has changed its name into Sanctoo Suites and Villas, and he himself is still trusted to devote himself as General Manager. “I feel this hotel is my own home, so I absolutely realize cleanliness, health and comfort,” he said.

This youngest of five siblings is indeed a hardworking man. He has a background of living at a beautiful village, namely Sangkaragung Village, Jembrana – Bali. Since childhood, he was really good at socializing, so he was always involved in every activity of children in the past, such as playing marbles, catching fish and soccer as his main hobby as a child. Twenty years ago, Putra Subali tried to try his luck and started his career as a receptionist at one of the boutique resorts in Kuta, Bali.

This low profile man then tried his luck in the city of Burj Khalifa. He pursued his career for five years from bell attendant to Assistant Front Office Manager. At Singapadu Village, Gianyar, right within the Bali Zoo area, there is a luxury villa featuring 12 private pool villas which has become the spearhead of Putra Subali in starting his career. “Initially I wanted to try something new in 2015. My basic is Front Office Manager (FOM). At that time, at The Sanctoo Villas & Spa there was no vacancy for FOM, but only that of Sales & Marketing Manager. So, I just applied for it,” he said.

To be honest, Putra Subali had been hesitant from the beginning to apply for the job at this beautiful village hotel. On the one hand, the location is indented and he is self-taught in the world of Sales & Marketing because only a few villas have been completed. The location was still very arid and nothing was available like now. “I have made up my mind and was optimistic to be able to bring The Sanctoo to its glory in the future. Now, The Sanctoo Villas has added new suites room category. This is indeed a challenge during the pandemic,” concluded Putra Subali. (BTN/015)

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