Rebranding of Desa Pramana Swan into Desa Swan Villas and Spa, Keramas

Rebranding of Desa Pramana Swan into Desa Swan Villas and Spa, Keramas

Desa Pramana Swan announced to its customers that starting August 31, 2023, Desa Pramana Swan has been rebranded into Desa Swan Villas and Spa, Keramas. Even though it is managed by its own management, this villa located on Jalan Pantai Selukat, Keramas Village, Blahbatuh Subdistrict, Gianyar District, Bali, continues to serve its guests with high quality, even more. “In the future, we want to strengthen the program in terms of Human Resources (HR),” said General Manager (GM), Nyoman Redana, on the sidelines of the rebranding of Desa Swan Villas and Spa, Keramas, Thursday (Aug 31).

The villa workers will be given additional knowledge, both internally through training and externally in the form of education and training by attending external programs. This is to grow human resources who are truly strong and ready to face the challenges ahead. “This rebranding occurred because the cooperation contract with Pramana Experience as a hotel operator ended on August 1, 2023, so our owner made a decision not to extend the collaboration any longer,” he said.

This name change, explained Nyoman Redana, will be also followed by a new concept that is broader and more elegant. If previously the villa was packaged only for honeymoon tourists, now it has become very attractive to live with family. “We have spacious four-bedroom, three-bedroom and only one two-bedroom villas. In case there are guests looking for a one-bedroom private villa, we can still accommodate them by converting the two-bedroom villa by closing one room. All of our private villas are already equipped with a kitchen, living area, pool and green yard. We are sure that tourists will prefer to stay with their families in spacious villas,” he said.

Tourists staying at Desa Swan Villas and Spa Keramas are mostly foreign tourists coming from Australia, Europe, Asia and the rest are domestic. They love the serene atmosphere offered by the area. Location to the Keramas area is also very conveniently situated at one of the bypass roads which rarely has traffic jams, so staying at Desa Swan Villas and Spa Keramas will be an extraordinary point in the future. “I believe, in the future the Keramas tourist area will develop like Canggu because Keramas Beach is one of the favorite beaches for surfing in Bali, which has once hosted world-class surfing, namely the WSL Championship in 2018, in addition to a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere which is far from the crowds,” he hoped.

Desa Swan Villas & Spa Keramas is the perfect getaway for families, friends and groups looking for a “healing” place to relax near Keramas Beach. This beach is famous as a surfer’s paradise. “Its facilities are also extraordinary, including the Swan Restaurant, a multi-purpose event venue, and luxurious spa treatments, so that Desa Swan truly offers a memorable experience for every single guest,” concluded Nataly while promoting. (BTN/015)

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