‘Remembering Made Wianta’ at Komaneka Keramas Beach

‘Remembering Made Wianta’ at Komaneka Keramas Beach

The exhibition entitled Remembering Made Wianta displays his works from several periods, such as paintings from the Karangasem period, the calligraphy period and others. His works have been old enough such as those made in 1978, 1987 through 2015.

“Here are Made Wianta’s works that I have collected for a long time. This exhibition has represented Made Wianta’s work for several periods,” said Koman Wahyu Suteja, the owner of the Komaneka Group on the sidelines of the opening of the exhibition entitled Remembering Made Wianta on Sunday (Dec. 20).

The exhibition, which runs until December 31, 2020, features 19 works originating from several periods. A total of seven works are not sold because they are arguably old and have history. “As the home to the art works in Bali, Komaneka organizes a special event dedicated to the maestro Made Wianta who passed away on November 13, 2020. This event was held in commemoration of the maestro’s 71st birthday,” he said.

Made Wianta’s works have their own characteristics. The exhibition displays works from the Karangasem period, where the genre and techniques seem to have departed from tradition, but Balinese strengths remain to exist. The two genres and parts to the structure are very attractive and the third period is calligraphy. “I have met a painter who can enter from various genres, he has a concept that does not only teach people, but also force them to think of. Made Wianta has very different characteristics, namely being able to make Bali in the genre of Wianta. He made multi styles, but the styles are very different from one another,” he added.

Made Wianta is one of the many legendary artists whose work has been displayed at the Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Ubud, for many years. The maestro Wianta always comes up with fresh and innovative ideas in accordance with the philosophy of the Komaneka Gallery, which always strives to present fresh and up-to-date works from time to time.

“Honestly, the death of Wianta left a big hole in the Balinese art community, where contemporary art was pioneered by him. However, his legacy namely the works of art he created and his attitude towards social and political issues will forever be an inspiration for Balinese artists to come,” said Koman.

I Made Wianta was born on December 20, 1949. He studied at the Indonesian Fine Arts School (SSRI) in Denpasar and then continued to the Indonesian Fine Arts College (STSRI) or ASRI (now the Indonesia Institute of the Art/ISI) Yogyakarta. Aside from learning the classical puppet style of Balinese painting at Kamasan, Klungkung, I Made Wianta also deepened his painting skills in Brussels, Belgium, in the 1970s. (BTN/015)

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