Restorative Getaway Package at Hoshinoya Bali

Restorative Getaway Package at Hoshinoya Bali

With hectic schedules taking a strenuous toll on our lives and fueled by the demand to live a healthier lifestyle, we believe a “Wellcation” or mix of well-being and vacation, is of paramount importance. HOSHINOYA Bali offers a Restorative Getaway Wellcation package, where guests are given the space and support needed to break from the relentless pace of living and restore balance to mind, body and spirit. This wellness retreat highlights resort facilities, such as SPA, cuisine, and activities, infused with nature and culture, to recharge, refocus, relax and ultimately explore a unique path to complete well-being.

Figuratively and physically secluded, the bulk of the ‘Wellcation’ takes place in the SPA. Where restorative treatments are guided by nature and technique, SPA offers an atmosphere of calm and remoteness, complete with birdsong and rushing water, dense canopies of greenery, and very little in the way of noise pollution. Skilled spa therapists provide guests with traditionally developed treatments using ancient wisdoms and methods to restore total balance. Signature rituals include Royal Lulur, Balinese Traditional Boreh, and Balinese Massage. Scrubs, masks and oils used for the body and face take advantage of organic rice, herbs or spices used in Balinese tradition to bring deep relaxation, both physically and mentally.

To enrich the Wellcation experience, HOSHINOYA Bali introduces Morning Wedang and Banjar Tour as a “treat yourself” option for a much-deserved staycation at some point. Both create sensations to unwind where culture and heritage blend seamlessly with the luxe furnishings.

Morning Wedang

Wedang, a traditional hot drink made with tropical spices and mixed with palm sugar or honey, is a refreshing Indonesian beverage with warming and soothing properties. Warm Wedang drink is available in the morning at Café Gazebo served as 3 distinctive flavors of sweet, sour, or spicy.

Banjar Tour

Sample a fuller, more extensive cultural connection while emphasizing on physical exercise by exploring the local Banjar. A 60-minute stroll along beautiful rural Ubud, filled with traditional cultural values, will refresh the mind and invigorate the body. The community can’t wait to share some of their unique stories and let you connect with their heritage in an enjoyable and inspiring way.

Tailored to be an all-encompassing restorative experience, guests can now enjoy the Wellcation Package, valid for domestic (Indonesian) travelers until end of 2022. This wellcation package promises a reimagined concept for guests in fostering a journey of wellness, inspiration and self-enrichment.

Get our Restorative Getaway package exclusive offer, which includes Villa only, 90 minutes Balinese massage for 1 person, morning Wedang, and Banjar Tour, complimented with other guest experience with options of Yoga or Ubud rice field walk. To book, click here: (BTN/r/bud)

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