‘Resurrection’ Exhibition of Artists as Awakening at Art Xchange Gallery

‘Resurrection’ Exhibition of Artists as Awakening at Art Xchange Gallery

Along with the rise of tourism in Bali, domestic and foreign artists have also expressed their revival through an art exhibition entitled “Resurrection.” The exhibition, which involves 27 artists from Bali, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Bali as well as Malaysia and Macedonia, displays their works at the Art Xchange Gallery, Kopi Bali House (second floor), Sanur, Bali.

The exhibition, curated by Arif Bagus Prasetyo, features sculptures, installations and paintings. Their paintings also cover various styles ranging from abstract, naive, realist, surrealist to hyperrealist styles. The exhibition itself was opened on Sunday (Apr 3).

The owner of Art Xchange Gallery, Benny Oentoro, stated that recently the art seemed to have been dead. The culture of consumerism has killed the art market. People no longer appreciate art in the way they used to. Artists no longer create art for the sake of art itself. Instead, they mass-produce the art and create art for money. Creating art no longer lies in the quality or soul of the work of art, but lies in its liquidity. All is for the sake of getting money as quickly as possible. “Therefore, we take the theme Resurrection which means ‘rising from the dead,’” he said in front of the media crews, recently.

Benny Oentoro strongly believed that it is time to restore the art market to its former state. “We need to revive the art, people need to learn how to appreciate the art sincerely, not because of its monetary value, but because of its wider context. Art opens our hearts and feeds our minds. Without art, we will live in an empty world, a world where there is no thought and joy, only void,” he said seriously.

Because of this revival, the Art Xchange Gallery was opened on the Island of the Gods, Bali. This is naturally the right direction because Bali is already well-known throughout the world as an international destination. Prior to that, Art Xchange Gallery was opened in Surabaya (2009), then in Singapore (2011) to give its artists greater exposure in new markets, and then in Jakarta (2018) with the aim of introducing Indonesian artists locally and internationally. “His vision and mission is to provide opportunities for young artists to show off their talents to the world. The artists that we display in this exhibition have their respective strengths,” he admitted.

A total of 27 artists participate in the exhibition, namely Ana, Andi Prayitno, Ang Che Che, Anis Kurniasih, Antoe Budiono, Ben Wong, Budi Asih, Burhanudin Reihan Afnan, Cadio Tarompo, Camelia Mitasari Hasibuan, Chairol Imam, Citra Pratiwi, Dedi Imawan, Dona Prawita Arissuta, Hendra Purnama, I Made Gunawan, I Made Santika Putra, I Putu Adi, I Wayan Legianta, Jemana Bayubrata Murti, Johhny Gustaf, Lim Tong Xin, M Aidi Yupri, Ni Nyoman Sani, Sinisha Kashawelski, Wahyu Nugroho and Wisnu Ajitama

For example, Jemana Murti completed his art education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. His artistic practice includes painting, sculpture, and large-scale installation. The idea for his work comes from the experience of living in Bali and the religious aspects of Bali. He actively participates in various exhibitions in Bali and Singapore and permanent installation works at the Raffles Maldives Meradhoo Resort.

Ni Nyoman Sani is an artist with a unique work and strong concept with a lot of women’s themes. This graduate of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Denpasar has a passion for art. Her work is often inspired by the struggles of his mother, a very hard worker. In her work, Sani usually uses acrylic paints, watercolors, oil paints and dermatograph. The work presented this time was inspired by her son’s face with shades of sunflowers reminding of her sunflower garden.

Meanwhile, Wahyu Nugroho is a young artist who is pursuing sculpture. His works show many contradictions between man-made objects and God’s creations, especially nature. This graduate of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta focuses on creating installation sculptures by combining various media into meaningful works. He really means every process in completing his work. The making of his work usually takes one to two months. Then, the presentation also takes a long time because it involves many objects, both art objects and components outside the context of art. (BTN/015)

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