Rice Field Trekking Path of Bindu Customary Village Awaits You

Rice Field Trekking Path of Bindu Customary Village Awaits You

For those who like trekking, just stay at FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud. As one of the wellness resorts in Ubud, it features various wellness activities worth trying while on vacation in Bali. FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud provides various options to complement the guests’ wellness journey including Yoga Classes, Healing Programs, Trekking, Cycling, TRX, Meditative Art and others.

Located at Bindu Customary Village, one of the tourism villages in the Badung area which manages clean and shiny tourism villages, FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud offers trekking routes in rice fields remaining around Bindu Village. Trekking is a sport that is quite easy and can be followed by almost all ages.

Trekking is synonymous with a long journey taken on foot which is usually in the rice field route because trekking is also known as exploring nature. This is the main attraction for tourists. “The beautiful and quiet village area makes the wellness program at FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud very suitable, especially from morning to evening,” said Cluster Marketing & Communication Manager, Esty Rahardyan Lawalata, Friday (Apr 28).

Ubud Sunrise Trekking is indeed an activity sought after by many tourists when visiting Ubud, including by in-house guests of FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud. Rice field routes have safe tracks for guests as well as the beauty of the expanse of rice fields in which they infrequently come across farmers plowing their fields with buffaloes which will be a beauty for guests.

During the trekking, the guests will be accompanied by a tour guide from FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud who will help direct the way and provide information and explanations regarding trekking routes, Balinese culture and Bindu Village and many more that can be asked during the trekking activities. “If you want to take part in this trekking activity, you can make a reservation one day in advance through the receptionist,” she said.

Every morning or evening many guests take turns to participate in this trekking activity. Their most favorite is the trekking path which is not far from FuramaXclusive Resort & Villas Ubud. The path passes through safe rice fields. Location of the Bindu customary village is beautiful and quiet making guests wish to continuously take part in walking activities that are healthy, yet fun. (BTN/015)

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