Romantic Escape at The Haven Suites Bali Berawa

Romantic Escape at The Haven Suites Bali Berawa

If you want a vacation with a romantic atmosphere during the pandemic, just come to The Haven Suites Bali Berawa. The hotel, located in Tibubeneng Village, precisely on the edge of Berawa Beach, Badung District, Bali, is one of the hotels for an elegant romantic getaway. “We invite tourists or local people to enjoy the convenient stay and spend the night, eat and drink or just relax in a romantic atmosphere,” said Marketing Communication Executive, Bella Ayu Virdani, on Tuesday (Jul 29).

Each room is spacious and equipped with a balcony offering a view of the pool and Berawa Beach or a private garden that directly has a view of the sea. The restaurant named Ketumbar Bistro & Bar applies an indoor and outdoor concept, so that it can be a romantic venue to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with your partner. “If there are guests asking to make a special romantic dinner surprise to be enjoyed with their beloved partner, we can also prepare it,” she said in a promotion.

The dining location can also be chosen between the sundeck with direct beach views or a rooftop with hotel views and the open sea. Besides, this hotel has a spa to pamper yourself with your partner during the stay where during this pandemic is still temporarily closed, but do not worry. Romantic things can start from a room decorated with some roses that can be reserved to start a romantic vacation with your partner. “Similarly, we provide a fitness center to make the day with your partner more special,” she added.

Spending time together by exercising at the fitness center located not far from the room can make the mind fresher as well as boost immunity during the pandemic. Next, it can be ended with swimming together in the large swimming pool combined with the sound of the waves. “You can imagine how beautiful it is to spend time with your partner in the right place, blending with nature in a quiet and comfortable place,” explained Bella. (BTN/015)

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