Safe and Comfortable at Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel

Safe and Comfortable at Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel

The Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort always puts the health and safety of guests as a top priority. High standards of hotel cleanliness are always applied strictly and consistently to create guest safety and comfort. The Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic must indeed be watched out for and can be prevented by implementing strict health protocols.

Thus, it is ensured that all guests and employees feel safe and comfortable while in the hotel environment. “We always try to prevent the spread of the virus by continuously improving hotel hygiene standards and eliminating activities that are crowded with visitors, especially during the imposition of the Emergency Public Activity Restriction (PPKM) and now the Level 4,” said General Manager, I Nyoman Yuda Wirawan, on Thursday (Aug 5).

This safety and health standard does not only apply to in-house guests, but also to restaurant guests, guests who organize meetings and events as well as to guests who take advantage of all other hotel facilities including employees. “Especially for employees, they all have received vaccines, so that we guarantee the safety and comfort for guests,” he added.

Health protocol facilities are always monitored to ensure that they remain functional, while health protocol activities include spraying disinfectant liquid throughout the hotel area. This also includes measuring the guests’ body temperature before entering the hotel. In addition, the protocol also includes spraying guests’ luggage or bags before entering the lobby to provide free masks, hand sanitizers and antiseptic wipes for guests. “Once we arrive at the hotel lobby, the same procedure is still applied, even added with the installation of a queue distance sticker,” he said.

Meanwhile for restaurant, employees will measure the body temperature of guests who enter the restaurant area. Restrictions on guests eating at one table are also set. Ordering food menus is done online by using a barcode scan to view the menus. Meanwhile, all waiters and waitresses must use masks, face shields and hand gloves when serving food to create a sense of comfort.

Nyoman Yuda further added that during the imposition of the Emergency Public Activity Restriction (PPKM) to its derivative Level 4, the Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort did experience a decrease in both the occupancy level and the procurement of activities (MICE and Banquet) when compared to the month before the implementation of PPKM.

“Nevertheless, we continue to monitor the imposition of the new normal Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and we control it periodically. We make changes if necessary and continue to observe developments and recommendations from the central government,” he explained.

In addition, by having won the New Era Certificate and Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort is always ready to welcome guests in this new normal era. The hotel with 61 Deluxe Rooms, Bungalows, and Junior Suites and Bubu Chill & Grill facilities is ready to fulfill guests’ needs for delicious dishes that are available whenever guests need. “Guests can also access Room Service to get a variety of delicious meals without leaving the hotel room,” concluded Nyoman Yuda Wirawan. (BTN/015)

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