Sang Natha Spice Museum to Educate Millennial Generation

Sang Natha Spice Museum to Educate Millennial Generation

Regent of Buleleng represented by the Assistant for General Administration of the Regional Secretariat of Buleleng, I Nyoman Genep, inaugurated the Sang Natha Spice Museum on Friday (May 28). Sang Natha Museum is located at Mengening village, Kubutambahan subdistrict, spreading across the area of ​​1.2 hectares. This museum has approximately 130 types of spice plants.

Apart from native plants to Buleleng and Bali, various types of spice plants from eastern Indonesia to India are also collected in this museum. The inauguration ceremony was also attended by Spouse of Buleleng Regent, I Gusti Ayu Mas Aries Sujati, Sub-district Head of Kubutambahan, Made Suyasa, and Head of the Buleleng Public Works and Spatial Plan (PUTR) Office, I Putu Adiptha Eka Putra.

Meanwhile, the speech of Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana which was read by the Assistant for General Administration, I Nyoman Genep, stated that he really appreciated the construction of the Sang Natha Spice Museum. The spice museum will become a means of education for the community, especially millennial generation and a promising alternative for educational tourism. This happens because many of the current generations do not know the types of spices.

The owner of the Sang Natha Spice Museum, Made Suyasa Wijaya, explained that the construction of the Spice Museum had been planned since 6 years ago. Starting from the construction of a halfway house to equipping spice plants according to the minimum standards for the construction of a museum. “I started by learning about spices and then discussing with friends who understand about spices. Finally, I decided to establish this museum,” he explained.

Suyasa added that the museum building is also a form of concern for the younger generation who do not know spices. “Later on, the millennial generation can learn about the spices we have, starting from the types, functions and benefits,” he explained.

Buleleng District is one of the areas in Bali that has a variety of spice plants. Two of the spice plants frequently encountered are clove and coffee. In addition, there are also many very useful spice plants growing in Buleleng District. Seeing from history, Indonesia is the center of the world’s spice routes. “This spice museum is a venue for displaying various spice plants, an information center as well as a study of the repertoire of the spice plants,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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