Sangeh Monkey Forest Opened

Sangeh Monkey Forest Opened

Bored at home alone? Come on, take a trip to Sangeh Monkey Forest. The tourist attraction relying on monkey behavior and the coolness of the nutmeg forest has been opened for visitors. However, during this Public Activity Restriction (PPKM) period, it must be remembered to maintain the health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands and keeping distance. “According to Circular of Bali Governor, the tourist attraction can be opened on a trial basis, so that we opened from Friday (Sep 10),” said Operations Manager, Made Mohon, on Monday (Sep 13).

The tourist attraction located at Sangeh Village, Abiansemal, Badung, was officially opened on Friday (Sep 10). Nevertheless, visitors did not arrive immediately. They started coming after 12:00. On the first day, there were only 8 people who bought tickets, and 25 people brought donations of monkey food, namely the headman of Darmasaba and his entourage. On the second day, there were only 6 visitors, and on the third day there were 20 visitors who bought tickets, and 40 people donated monkey food.

In contrast to the fourth day visit, Monday (Sep 13), there were absolutely no visits or zero. Maybe it happened because of the heavy rain that kept pouring down, so residents felt reluctant to travel. However, he was happy because the operator had been given to receive guests, even though it was in a trial period. “During the PPKM Level 4 period, we only came to clean up the tourist attraction environment and fed the monkeys, and protect the tourist attraction area,” said Mohon.

Even though these are difficult times, Made Mohon admitted that the ticket prices remain the same as before, namely IDR 30,000 for adult foreign tourist and its child at IDR15,000 while domestic adults at IDR 15,000 and its child at IDR 5,000. “During the trial period in accordance with the Circular of Bali Governor, we implement strict procedures for guests and applied to all staff and employees. This is important to break the chain of Covid-19 spread, in addition to being a condition for opening in a trial,” said the former hotel employee.

When implementing the new era of life, the tourist attraction operator has prepared hand washing stations scattered in the attraction area. Every tourist who enters the object area must wash its hands first and wash again their hands when leaving the area. Tourists are required to follow the body temperature check located in the lobby. Besides, they are also provided with hand sanitizer to clean their hands. “This must also be done by officers and employees so that it really creates a sense of security and comfort when traveling in Sangeh,” he explained. (BTN/015)

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