Sankyoudai Sushi Restaurant in Jimbaran Has Opened

Sankyoudai Sushi Restaurant in Jimbaran Has Opened

For those of you who like Japanese food do not need to go far to find a restaurant serving a variety of dishes from Japan. Just come to Sankyoudai Sushi Restaurant located at Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 82 of Jimbaran, only a few minutes to the south and about 4 km to the north from Nusa Dua. This restaurant offers delicious Japanese dishes with a touch of Balinese and Indonesian culture. Sankyoudai Sushi can be a lifestyle trend, namely eating sushi does not have to be expensive because it is indeed a very affordable price.

The interior is quite unique, elegant as well as gives a special impression to millennial generation. Sankyoudai Sushi is designed as a fusion of Japanese Restaurant with a millennial concept.

Although currently still in a Covid-19 pandemic situation, a number of Sankyoudai Sushi Restaurant shareholders remain determined to open and operate this restaurant. “I and other shareholders decided to open a Sankyoudai Sushi business in order to be able to share the knowledge we have. In addition, it can accommodate workers affected by Covid-19 and still be guided by maintaining Bali’s reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the world,” said I Gede Wahyu Rismawan on behalf of shareholders.

Other than Wahyu Rismawan, the shareholders of this restaurant are Wayan Sudarsana, Nyoman Muliastika, Agus Gde Mahendra, I Wayan Sudartha and I Gede Cipta Suditya. “This restaurant is officially operating starting today, after the inauguration (melaspas) ceremony was held on November 15, 2020. We made preparations for the operation quite smoothly because the shareholders have a strong commitment to the success of this restaurant located in the heart of Jimbaran,” said Wahyu, who previously worked as a hotel worker.

Almost all the menus served are appetizing. The menu is packaged more attractively and instagrammably. Visitors are provided with the option to enjoy sushi for only IDR 5,000 – IDR 10,000 per piece. Even the menu will always be improved so that it can be accepted by all groups. “The menus we offer use premium ingredients to maintain quality and can compete in the market while maintaining competitive prices and being accepted by the market, especially millennial generation,” he added.

The target market is indeed millennial generation, so it prepares smoking rooms and non-smoking rooms arranged with different concepts. Conceptually, the smoking room applies prominent Japanese touch both in the interior and supporting music. For millennial generation, they are prepared with smoking rooms or outdoor which are more contemporary in concept and still prioritize natural nuances from the selection of materials. “This restaurant has a capacity of around 60 people, where 25 persons for indoor or non-smoking rooms and 35 persons for outdoor itself,” he explained.

The restaurant’s target market is the community, sushi lovers and millennial generation. “We will perform live music every day as well as magic shows and fire dance. To increase lunch revenue, we serve free delivery services and door-to-door presentations to related companies. We are also optimistic that this restaurant will develop because we also see the potential for duty free which will be opened opposite this restaurant. We and the duty free have made Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Japan and Korea. Of course, this is an opportunity for us to establish a partnership with them,” said Wahyu.

Wahyu and shareholders are indeed considered desperate to open a food business amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He firmly believes there will be a rising market in all situations. For instance, a person who wants to increase immunity must consume healthy menus. Healthy menu can maintain maximum body health. Well, Sankyoudai Sushi offers that healthy menu.

“And most importantly, we also apply health protocols by advising guests to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and check body temperature before entering the restaurant. We also ask to send a booklet table and implement health protocols as an effort to support the government in preventing the spread of Covid-19,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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