Sanur Green Zone Can Convince Tourists to Come Again

Sanur Green Zone Can Convince Tourists to Come Again

Sanur, declared as green zone, currently has not had a significant effect yet on increasing tourist arrivals. Determining a safe place for an area is very important, so that it can convince tourists to come. “We hope that in the future there will be an official declaration in the form of promotions and the like. This will greatly help direct tourists to a safe place used as a pilot project for tourism recovery,” said Executive Assistant Manager of Swiss BelResort Watu Jimbar Sanur, Ida Bagus Gde Cendra Setiawan, on Thursday (Apr 29).

Sanur as a green zone must be able to convince tourists to come for traveling. On that account, the government and all stakeholders must join hands and share a discourse, so that they can convince tourists. “Readiness for the implementation of health protocols and discipline in regulating the uniformity of the green zone will become the focus of the visitors as a benchmark for safe areas from Covid-19,” he explained.

The man who is active in the activities of tourism organizations admitted that in an atmosphere of pandemic with unclear ends is very unprofitable. Averagely, the room occupancy of the hotel he manages from January to April is below 10 percent. He did not have a picture of the room occupancy for May, June and July when the tourism borders are planned to open. “Currently, room bookings are still minimal. If the border has been opened, of course the bookings will start to flow, where the confidence of tourists, especially from abroad, will choose an area having been declared as green zone,’ he explained.

Given the importance of the green zone status, business owners or hotel operator must support it by carrying out all the requirements of the green zone achievement target. Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, traders and drivers who are directly involved in the tourism industry must have a commitment to living a new era of life and the strict application of health processes.

“Hotels must have a CHSE certificate, and the preparedness of the Covid-19 Taskforce at each hotel in implementing preparedness to make the green zone a success. If there is a case at hotel from guests that will stay later, the handling steps must be organized. For example, there is an accompanying hospital having been appointed or partnered with those becoming a part of the green zone. We at Swiss Belresort Watu Jimbar prepare for this by providing isolation room and team,” he added.

Swiss Belresort Watu Jimbar, during a pandemic like this, only operates half of the rooms available along with its facilities. It happens because the business remains uncertain and the limited number of employees that must be carried out according to the occupancy rate on a daily basis. “Currently the hotel operations are not perfect as before. Many facilities are temporarily closed until the business returns to normal. We are very concerned about the costs that will incur which are not comparable to our current income,” he said.

Gus Cendra then invited all levels of society to support and assist the government in every program carried out in handling and overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic. In this case, it is not just the focus and burden on the government, but the community must also plays a very important role in narrowing the space for the spread of Covid -19. “We have a lot to learn from what is happening out there, such as in India which is currently experiencing the second phase of the massive spread of Covid-19, so we must be serious and disciplined in carrying out the program,” he explained.

He also requested the policies issued by the government to be always synchronized with other policies having been issued. Thus, there is no impression that policies overlap. “This is what makes people confused. Policymakers should sit together, so that what is made is harmonious, planned and patterned. Therefore, the goal of economic recovery through the tourism sector is right on target, and will have a positive impact, as well as provide confidence for tourism players, tourists and local guests for traveling. The firmness of the government is highly expected and the cohesiveness of the regional and the central government will be a barometer of success,” he suggested. (BTN/015)

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