Sanur Has Kids Soho, a New Playground for Children to Play and Learn

Sanur Has Kids Soho, a New Playground for Children to Play and Learn

As a tourist destination, Sanur is now even more attractive. Moreover, it is now equipped with Kids Soho, the first educational play center for children and families. This newest tourist attraction serves as an integrated education center that focuses on play and peer interaction and facilitates opportunities for positive early learning experiences. “Kids Soho aims to provide unique socializing area facilities having never existed before in Bali,” said one of the founders of the Kids Soho, Prami Pratiwi, on Thursday (Jan 5).

Kids Soho provides a safe, nurturing and enriching play environment for children to socialize through play and interaction with peers, encouraging exploration, learning and enjoyable growth. It is possible through strategic partnerships with child education experts. “Kids Soho is home to some of the world’s leading experts in child development and quality educational experiences, including First Bridge Montessori Preschool, Rivas-JH Kim Taekwondo School, Ballet Royal School Bali, Koding Akademi (Coding & Roboting Class) as well as Sasya Alyasa Modeling School,” she explained.

One of the Kids Soho’s attractions that kids will love best is the innovative 339-square meter playground. This game is supported by Montessori learning principles that apply age-wide interaction, where children will be able to learn from their peers while exploring the activities offered in the Kids Soho play area.

The bright and pastel colored space features play equipment such as a playhouse (police station, hospital, shop and kitchen), seesaw, climbing wall, trampoline, spiral slide and zigzag bridge, ball pool filled with 25,000 colored balls and the world’s first donut slide in Bali. “Kids will have hours of fun working on motor skills and dexterity as well as socializing with kids of all ages,” she added.

Similarly, there is a play area providing a variety of dolls, toys and puzzles with two extra-long tables for children to gather and play. “This activity fosters fine motor skills, imagination and cognition. Every element and equipment in the play area was created to inspire and entertain, increase curiosity, and develop children’s imagination while increasing cognitive levels, social skills and exercising their developing bodies,” she explained.

While kids are playing in the Kids Soho play area, parents can relax and enjoy a meal in the comfort of the air-conditioned indoor or outdoor dining area in the cozy café while watching their kids play through the large windows adjacent to the play area. “Our vision is to become the leading place of learning in Bali for children and families, serving the local expatriate community and continuing to grow,” she added while convincing.

This café serves casual all-day dining with a-la-carte favorites from Asian and Western menus as well as a selection of children’s menus with several healthy options. A variety of drinks are available including fresh juices, milkshakes, coffee and tea, and the café also offers a School Day Special menu at special prices for students of the Montessori pre-school at Kids Soho. Convenience parking area is available on and off site at free of charge. Meanwhile, Montessori pre-school operates from 8:00 to 15:00 on Monday to Friday and the enrollment for 2023 is now open.

After school hours, the classroom transforms into a multi-purpose room that holds various activities and special enrichment programs on weekends which is open to the public. Kids Soho operates from 10:00 to 21:00. (BTN/015)

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