Sendiri Coffee Bar, a Coffee Shop Downtown with Different Atmosphere

Sendiri Coffee Bar, a Coffee Shop Downtown with Different Atmosphere

Do you want coffee and hanging out? Stop by at Sendiri Coffee Bar, a comfortable venue for coffee and hangout. Besides, it is also comfortable to work from the bar. This great coffee shop is located in the city center, precisely at Jalan Tukad Pakerisan 69 Denpasar. Sendiri Coffee Bar does offer a co-working space to provide a venue for anyone wishing to experience a different atmosphere in carrying out activities.

“We present a rather eccentric concept, namely a combination of bar, coffee and working space, but still offering contemporary nuance,” said the Owner, Ni Made Inta Sri Lebani, on Thursday (Apr 8).

Sendiri Coffee Bar was newly opened on March 28, 2021, but already has many customers. Young people as well as old people like to relax enjoying a variety of coffees in combination with a variety of available snacks. “We offer standard coffee, but make it with our own signature. We offer a bar concept with a different space arrangement, so that it looks attractive and can make guests feel at home. This happens because we are aware that we do not have a beautiful view,” she said.

Apart from providing coffee, this venue also serves healthy juice, tea, burgers and various selections of breads. For visitors’ convenience, this bar also provides a smoking area, free Wi-Fi and sockets available in each seat. The price of each menu is relatively affordable. Moreover, this venue is quite cozy for hanging out with friends while sharing and unwinding after a long day of work. “This area is indeed a fast lane, but in the afternoon, residents come out to look for snacks or just to drink coffee casually,” she said.

Sendiri Coffee Bar is open every day from 13:00 to 22:00 Local Time. On weekends, guests are entertained with live music. This venue can accommodate around 20-30 people, and so far, working young people prefer to hang out or just enjoy the afternoon with a cup of coffee.

“Pandemic conditions are not an obstacle for us to open our Sendiri Coffee Bar. This is part of a strategy to find a market, so that after the economic condition turns normal we no longer need to bother promoting ourselves anymore,” she said while admitting that currently she promotes mostly through social media. (BTN/015)

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