SereS Springs Resort & Spa Dominated by Domestic Tourists

SereS Springs Resort & Spa Dominated by Domestic Tourists

The Eid holiday is an important moment for Bali tourism players, especially hotel operators to attract visits. Hotel management takes advantage of this moment by providing special rate offers during the Eid holiday. This method was responded very well by tourists, especially domestic tourists. “The occupancy rate of SereS Springs Resort & Spa Singakerta, Ubud, is growing, and this situation really motivates us to work hard for the rise of tourism,” said General Manager, I Nyoman Prabawa, on Wednesday (May 5).

As hotelier, Pradawa then thanked the President of the Republic of Indonesia who had announced a joint leave for this year’s Eid. This moment is best used for people who have received booster vaccines to vacation in Bali, in particular. Since the opening of the visa on arrival on March 8, 2022, his party immediately received a myriad of questions, especially from business partners overseas. Room reservations also continue to arrive, both from within the country and overseas, even though the situation is not yet normal like before the pandemic. “This is a very positive first measure. Moreover, the government has added more visas on arrival to 60 countries. Hopefully, this will accelerate the revival of tourism,” he revealed.

Then, specifically for the Eid Holiday, the majority of guests staying at SereS Springs Resort & Spa Singakerta, Ubud, came from the domestic market. A large amount of bookings seemed to have begun from April and it is expected to continuously improve. Domestic tourists who stay overnight come from various big cities, such as Surabaya, Semarang, Jakarta and other cities in Java. They mostly come by land and drive private cars along with their families. “They chose Bali because it is the number one tourist destination throughout the world. Bali will always have the number 1 place in the hearts of all Indonesians and the world,” stated this man.

Prabawa further added that the destination of domestic tourists for vacation to Bali has begun to shift which is now to Ubud as the main destination. This is evident on the recent Eid holiday where Ubud is filled with domestic visitors who are now starting to like nature in Ubud. The location of SereS Springs Resort & Spa is very strategic, not too far from Ubud City, and a comfortable and quiet place to rest and to relieve fatigue. “We provide the best and very comfortable facilities, as evidenced by accomplishment to win Travelers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor in 2021,” he added.

During their stay at this hotel, tourists choose to travel in the Ubud area and its surroundings, such as visiting white water rafting tours, adventure with ATV motorbikes, and culinary attractions that are favorites of domestic tourists. “There were also foreign tourists, even though not many. They come from the UK and USA with an average stay of two nights. If we look at the opening of Bali to foreign tourism on March 8, we still rely on domestic tourists, both on vacation and government meeting groups. For these two months, the composition of domestic tourists dominates as much as 90 percent,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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