Something Unique at Ketumbar Bistro & Bar

Something Unique at Ketumbar Bistro & Bar

Canggu as a tourist area is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of tourists who are on vacation in Bali. So, it is not wrong if the Canggu area in North Kuta Subdistrict, Badung, is always alive. Residences, restaurants and bar in the area are the choice of foreign and domestic tourists when traveling in Bali. “Ketumbar Bistro & Bar was also the choice of domestic and foreign visitors at that time, including now,” said Marketing Communication Executive, Bella Ayu Virdani, on Friday (Jul 29).

Previously, Ketumbar Bistro & Bar, located at The Have Suite Bali Berawa, was visited by more domestic tourists from big cities on the Island of Java and other cities. Then, after the opening of the international border followed by tourist trips for foreign people, the Ketumbar Bistro & Bar began to be visited by foreign tourists. “For now, we have started to re-enter foreign tourists, even dominate. However, there are still some domestic tourists who come to our restaurant,” she added.

The best-selling menu at this time is lime-lemongrass roasted chicken and fried duck. In addition to affordable prices, the taste of the food served is also very tasty and delicious. Moreover, it is very suitable for the appetite of domestic and foreign tourists. That’s because the spices and the preparations have been arranged by a professional chef. “Aside from the lime-lemongrass roasted chicken and fried duck, Tenderloin steak, Tasmanian salmon, grilled chicken breast are also the preferred choices of foreign tourists. Meanwhile, domestic tourists prefer menus such as fried rice, chicken soup, and oxtail soup,” she explained.

Ketumbar Bistro & Bar provides a variety of menus, such as Western, Italian, Balinese, Indonesian, Chinese and Mexican to snack food or light food, a menu to just chill out and relax in the afternoon while enjoying the beauty of the sunset. “Tourists who go to the restaurant are mostly those who stay with us. However, there are also some who come from outside, such as taking a pool package and just having lunch or dinner,” he said.

Ketumbar Bistro & Bar is open every day from 07:00 to 23:00 Local Time, and for room service it is open 24 hours. “Currently, we provide convenience in the form of discounts for customers specifically for PHM member holders. Meanwhile, for the current packages, we have cooking classes, happy hours, beer promotion, themed BBQ dinner and satays,” concluded Bella seriously. (BTN/015)

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