Splendor of Indonesian Independence Day at The Stones-Legian Bali

Splendor of Indonesian Independence Day at The Stones-Legian Bali

“The Stones-Legian, Bali, always participates in the celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. However, the celebration this time is a slightly different, where a series of celebration events on August 17 was held in the hotel area. Guests could witness all activities, ranging from flag raising ceremonies to participating in special competitions or games,” said General Manager of The Stones-Legian, Bali, Franklyn Yulius Kocek, on the sidelines of celebrating Indonesian Independence Day.

This year’s Independence Day celebration has the theme “Recover Faster, Rise Stronger,” where all Indonesian people feel the heroism to get back up, including the rise of the tourism sector in Bali after two years of slumping and being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Various competitions were held, including eating crackers, pounding pillows, inserting nails into bottles, and moving soybean seeds using chopsticks. In addition to competitive traditional games, The Stones-Legian Bali also collaborated with the State School for the Disabled (SLBN) 1 Badung.

The SLBN students performed the angklung, a traditional bamboo musical instrument from West Java, which has now gone global, and is an embodiment of support for the disabled groups. “It is something that can make us proud when guests visit the hotel,” he said. Aside from angklung performance, the associates at The Stones-Legian hotel, Bali, also evoked Indonesian cultural values ​​with an archipelagic fashion show, where associates can wear different customary attires from all over the regions of this beloved country. This diversity is very visible and becomes an attraction for tourists. (BTN/015)

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