Superlative Gallery Legian Presents Digital Artworks

Superlative Gallery Legian Presents Digital Artworks

The sweet number of tourist visits at the end of December 2021 had a positive impact on the development of tourism in Bali. It is able to generate new enthusiasm for tourism operators to preen and greet their customers. Moreover, not a few new destinations are growing that are worth visiting. One of them is the Superlative Gallery, a new tourist attraction presenting hundreds of paintings in digital format. It is located in the tourist center of Kuta, precisely at Jalan Legian No. 99, Kuta, Badung, Bali.

The Superlative Gallery launched by the Superlative Secret Society (Superlative SS) on Tuesday (Jan 11), is the first non-fungible token (NFT) offline gallery in Indonesia. It sits in a very strategic location in the international tourism area, and only a few meters before the Bali Bombing Monument. Tourists or art-loving communities can visit it with the main condition that they must comply with health protocols. The artwork presented is a collection of avatars of Superlative SS artwork exhibited in a permanent gallery called the Superlative Gallery.

Inside the gallery, there are two large screens showing the various types of works on display. Each wall displays small screens which also display various beautiful and message-laden paintings. In the middle, there is a room that specifically presents information related to the gallery, Superlative SS and the NFT community through broadcasts. “We are very enthusiastic about preparing for the opening and running of this Superlative Gallery operation,” said Superlative SS Illustrator & Founder, Moh. Arif Wijaksana, on the sidelines of the opening of the Superlative Gallery on Tuesday (Jan 11).

The painting motifs and colors used are very distinctive. They tell the story of the people of Malacca in which there is Civil War and his enemy named Refus. This artwork is the result of the crystallization of positive and negative emotions of humans. On that account, there are a head, body, robe, skull, and the color is more resembling summer. “It is a matter of pride for us to be able to accommodate fellow Indonesian artists to join and develop together in the era of digital assets such as NFT,” added Arif Wijaksana.

Meanwhile, CEO and Founder of Superlative SS, Prasetyo Budiman, stated that Superlative Gallery is designed to accommodate NFT artists and collectors of items around the world. “So far, we have only interacted and moved online. Therefore, through the Superlative Gallery, holders can mutually share information as well as educate everyone about how NFT works, especially local artists in Indonesia,” he explained.

Through the Superlative Gallery, his party hoped to contribute more to advancing the digital creative industry and digital assets as well as reviving the local tourism sector through the work of native Indonesian artists. In addition to launching an offline gallery, Superlative SS also wants to reach a wider audience. Original works of Indonesian people through Superlative SS will be displayed in Times Square, New York, United States, with a broadcast duration of 1.35 minutes for 7 days.

The enthusiasm of the holders and connoisseurs of Superlative SS artwork will be answered through the REPUS teaser that will be displayed at the same time as the opening of the Superlative Gallery. REPUS is the latest collection of the second NFT series from Superlative SS. Some of the original artworks and posters of NFT Superlative SS have been copyrighted in Intellectual Property Rights and are currently registered for official trademark certification. “After this opening, in the next five days, there will be various interactive talk shows by presenting blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrency practitioners,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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