Supervision against Sacred Area in Batur Needs Improving

Supervision against Sacred Area in Batur Needs Improving

A porn video with a duration of about 3 minutes 44 seconds is viral on social media. The video scene making the Balinese Hindu community furious was allegedly carried out in the area of ​​Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. All parties must be able to increase supervision, so that this incident will not happen again.

“Actually, this incident is not the first to have happened in Bali, but the repetitions having showed that our management of supervision remains weak in the holy areas,” said Chairman of the Indonesia Hindu Youth Association (Peradah Indonesia) of Bangli Chapter, I Ketut Eriadi Ariana, recently.

Jero Penyarikan Duuran Batur stated that the case of immoral video at issue amidst the community is the same as the case of foreign tourists who climbed the shrine in the complex of Besakih Temple and Batukaru Temple as well as cases of tourists playing with holy water in Ubud. “Indeed, the case is slightly different because this case covers a wider area, not around a temple, but in an area considered sacred,” he explained.

Nevertheless, the background is considered to be rooted in the same problem. This can occur due to a lack of information provision, supervision, and no clear mapping of a tourist area, especially areas that are still considered sacred. As a result, tourists who come to the objects can act at will, which has the potential to damage the physical nature and tarnish the sanctity of the temple. “We have reminded, especially in discussion rooms that there is need to make a firm and clear supervision of the management of the tourist areas, including the Batur Caldera which is the most striking because it is best known and has a very wide expanse,” he affirmed.

He gave an example that when the hill at Pasar Agung Temple caught fire and then went viral on social media, tourists visiting the area could freely pass over and over again. They can dispose of plastic waste at will. They are even allowed to open new climbing routes from the burning hills which cause erosion. There is insufficient information about what tourists can and cannot do in tourist areas.

“We had suggested scheduling the time to climb Mount Batur, so that there are times that can and cannot be used to climb Mount Batur. In addition to facilitating monitoring, non-visit time will give the mountain ecosystem a rest to recover,” he explained.

However, his party realized that the challenge with these ideas is related to the authorized agency and the rights to the management. This happens because so far the tourism management in Batur Caldera is still considered ambiguous and not integrated between one authority and another.

“If we look at the correct rules of the game, foreign tourists who climb should be guided. The question is where is the guide at the time? How did she get in? From which path she climbed? Did she climb when the climb was closed? If so, can we then say that she climbed illegally? Here is our common homework in the future, including our hope for the government so that management will be firm and clear,” he affirmed.

He added that in this case, the Peradah Indonesia of Bangli Chapter also expressed its highest appreciation to the Bangli police ranks for being swift in responding to the case. “We appreciate the Bangli Police for the case because as soon as the case appeared it immediately responded. In the future, I hope it can be investigated thoroughly,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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