• Flute Therapy by Gede Indrayana

    Flute Therapy by Gede Indrayana0

    Accustomed to hearing the sound of flute? If you have ever heard the flute’s sound of Gede Indrayana, it must be different. The play of this holistic flautist is not only beautiful, but also spreading a vibration of happiness to every listener. In playing the flute, he combines the ability of reflexology and acupressure healing

  • “Blind in Paradise” Art Exhibition at Griya Santrian Sanur

    “Blind in Paradise” Art Exhibition at Griya Santrian Sanur0

    The artist I Gede Made Surya Darma is not only good at scratching on canvas, but also good at performing arts due to his attractive works that can sedate visitors. Have a look at his creative processing in a performing art entitled Blind in Paradise at the Griya Santrian Resort Swimming Pool in Sanur on

  • When Barong Swari Expels Plague

    When Barong Swari Expels Plague0

    Denpasar ‘Mebarung’ (Competing) in implementing the 13th Denpasar Festival (Denfest) combined the arts of dance, gamelan music and puppetry very nicely.

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