• 25 Young Generations of Bali Make Baligraphy in the BLM 2021

    25 Young Generations of Bali Make Baligraphy in the BLM 20210

    Krialoka (Workshop) on the Making of Baligraphy (Balinese calligraphy) in series with the Balinese Language Month (BLM) 2021 took place on the first floor of the Ksiraarnawa Building, Bali Art Center, Denpasar, on Wednesday (Feb. 10). This literary activity was attended by 25 participants consisting of younger generation coming from students from several universities in

  • Kebo Iwa Art Studio Works on ‘Kawisesan Mahosadhilata’

    Kebo Iwa Art Studio Works on ‘Kawisesan Mahosadhilata’0

    Forests having various types of plants are actually a source of usadha or herbal healing for human life. Leaves, flowers, skin, fruit and roots of the plants can be used as medicine. On that account, other than having to be protected, the forest must also be preserved, so that it remains beautiful and the sources

  • “Men Tiwas Men Sugih”

    “Men Tiwas Men Sugih”0

    Men Tiwas, Men Sugih or literally meaning ‘Poor Mom, Rich Mom,’ is a virtual literary art show by Sekdut Bali and the State Hindu University (UHN) I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar was performed beautifully on the YouTube channel of the Bali Culture Office, on Wednesday (Feb. 3). The show wonderfully and meaningfully presented is an

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