• JR Peak Waits for You after PPKM

    JR Peak Waits for You after PPKM0

    If the level of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) is lowered and tourism activities return to normal, stop by at Puncak Jumpa Remaja (JR) or JR Peak, a very charming tourist spot. This tourist attraction presents beautiful natural scenery of Negara town. Do not worry, during this new era of life, JR Peak has prepared a

  • St Mary Queen Catholic Church, Gumbrih

    St Mary Queen Catholic Church, Gumbrih0

    For those who usually do spiritual tours to the St Mary Queen Catholic Church at Gumbrih should postpone their plan. This happens because as one of the Catholic churches in Jembrana District, Bali, precisely at Gumbrih Village, Pekutatan subdistrict, it has implemented Level 4 Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in accordance with government instructions. In addition,

  • Educational Tours at Ambenan Ijo Gading

    Educational Tours at Ambenan Ijo Gading0

    Have you ever traveled to Ambenan Ijo Gading? It is Muztahidin who has played a major role in the success of this alternative tourist attraction located at East Loloan Village, Jembrana Subdistrict, Jembrana. Ambenan Ijo Gading, formerly a neglected river area, has now been transformed into a bamboo recreation area that is very safe and

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