• Tourists Start Visiting Tanah Lot

    Tourists Start Visiting Tanah Lot0

    Since it was opened in early September, the Tanah Lot Bali tourist attraction has begun to be visited by tourists. Tourist visits continuously come until there is an increase every day. Especially before the opening of international tourism, tourist visits were increasingly flowing. “After Tanah Lot was opened in early September 2021, there was an

  • Tasta Wildlife Park, New Tourist Attraction in Tabanan

    Tasta Wildlife Park, New Tourist Attraction in Tabanan0

    For those who like to visit the zoo, they do not need to go to Gianyar. Now, various animals can also be witnessed in Tabanan District. They can be visited at the Tabanan Zoo or Tasta Wildlife Park located at Banjar Tegeh, Angseri, Baruriti subdistrict. As a tourism and education center, the zoo had been

  • Flute Therapy by Gede Indrayana

    Flute Therapy by Gede Indrayana0

    Accustomed to hearing the sound of flute? If you have ever heard the flute’s sound of Gede Indrayana, it must be different. The play of this holistic flautist is not only beautiful, but also spreading a vibration of happiness to every listener. In playing the flute, he combines the ability of reflexology and acupressure healing

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