Take a Selfie at Puncak Mawar

Take a Selfie at Puncak Mawar

Do not hesitate to travel to Jembrana District. This West Bali tourism area is very rich in tourist attractions as an option to visit while on vacation. All tourist attractions are very interesting to visit, both natural and artificial ones. Surely they will make visitors happy. For instance, the Puncak Mawar (Rose Peak) is most favored by young people as a selfie spot. It is one of the tourist attractions that highlight the selfie spot as its main attraction. It is named the Puncak Mawar because of the ‘jumbo rose’ icon and 748 rose plants. So, I am sorry, you are said to be ‘less updated’ if you haven’t taken a selfie at this place.

Rose Peak is very close to the town center of Jembrana District, located in the Dewasana neighborhood, Pendem Village, Jembrana Subdistrict. Access to natural tourist attraction is now possible by car. The distance is about 7 km north of Negara Town, about 26 km from the Rambutsiwi Temple tourist attraction and about 100 km from Denpasar City. It presents natural attractions from the highlands of the mountains, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around it perfectly. Being at the Rose Peak, you will be able to enjoy the true beauty of nature.

Rose Hill offers a beautiful hillside atmosphere with the best selfie spots. The icon of ‘jumbo rose’ which is at the top with an altitude of about thousands of meters above sea level as the only advantage. Aside from selfie spots, Rose Peak also presents a number of other attractive views such as a replica of The Hobbit’s village hut (as in the Lord of The Ring trilogy), swings on a hill and vintage bicycles to a wooden bridge overlooking the hills. Rose Peak has really become a contemporary and instagrammable recreation spot presenting attractive and wonderful charm of nature.

Being in Rose Hill, you will not feel bored, it will even become an ideal place to relax and find tranquility as will provide a pleasant holiday experience, be it with friends, family or even with your honeymoon partner. “The concept of tourist attraction that we have developed is managing nature with local wisdom, utilizing nature with beautiful scenery as a potential packaged into a new tourist destination in Jembrana. Thus, it is able to present beautiful and natural scenery,” said Operations Manager, I Wayan Diandra, recently.

In this area, there is a bridge-shaped platform. From this place, you can see the beautiful scenery before your eyes. Likewise, there is a swing as a place to relax and enjoy peace and tranquility in the midst of beautiful nature. From this peak, you can see the town of Negara, a green valley filled with tropical trees and a stretch of blue sea in the distance, blending harmoniously into a spectacular natural scenery. “Our concept is like the speech of President Jokowi stating non-timber forest products, sustainable forests, prosperous people,” he said.

Unfortunately, although the Bali Provincial Government has given a signal to try to reopen, the Rose Peak tourist attraction is still in the process of improving several facilities, such as parking area and other selfie spots. In addition, the Rose Peak is in the process of registering the PeduliLindungi application for tracing the track records of visitors who have been vaccinated. “Hopefully, we can reopen at the end of October 2021,” hoped Diandra excitedly. (BTN/014)

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