‘Take Authentic Japanese Cuisine’ Opens with the Same Menu and Taste

‘Take Authentic Japanese Cuisine’ Opens with the Same Menu and Taste

After being closed since March 2020 due to the impact of Covid-19, now the restaurant, which has been around since 1999, appears with a variety of menus with the same taste, but at affordable prices. “We are returning to greet customers with a variety of fixed menus and the same taste,” said Executive Chef, Kiyofumi Okamoto, accompanied by Assistant Marketing Manager of Rama Restaurant Bali Group, Theresia Hyasinta H, on Tuesday (Dec. 8).

Kiyofumi Okamoto added that when Take Authentic Japanese Cuisine was opened, the customers were booming, but still complying with the strict application of health protocols. The customers making a visit are not only repeater guests, but also new customers. There are even those who come specifically from outside Bali, who yearn to taste the Take’s specialties. “We reopen during the pandemic by giving discounts, but it doesn’t reduce the taste. We still take care of what becomes the taste of each menu at Take, so the taste doesn’t change. We do not dare to change or reduce ingredients because customers have already known the taste of each menu served,” he said.

Currently, the restaurant located in the tourist center of Kuta serves a menu of the same quality. The menus served are classic dishes deeply roots in Japanese tradition. For instance, Sushi or Sashimi can create an interesting experience, so that they will never be forgotten. The atmosphere of eating at Take Authentic Japanese Cuisine is really like eating in the Land of the Rising Sun. While enjoying various menus, the dining atmosphere is accompanied by classical Japanese music supported by various nuances of the Japanese Sakura Country. Texts, pictures and other accessories adorn every wall, “We have always had 300 – 400 menu items,” said the chef, who has been processing Japanese menus for 20 years.

Meanwhile, Theresia Hyasinta stated that Take Restaurant has two floors, but currently only the lower floor is open with a capacity of 50-60 people out of 80 when it was busy. Employees serving guests are also reduced to 35 of the existing 60 employees. “We use local Balinese ingredients in processing this menu. Some of the ingredients also imported from Japan and Australia. Although the prices of these ingredients are more expensive during the pandemic, we sell them at low prices. The most important thing is that our guests are happy. We present a special promotion of 20 percent discount for some items until December 20,” she said.

Then, is it open during the pandemic? Take Authentic Japanese Cuisine has implemented health protocols properly and in accordance with the standards applied by the government. In front of the entrance, there is a place for washing hands and hand sanitizers. Every visiting guest is welcome to wash their hands. Some even have awareness, so they wash hands without being directed. Likewise, seat spacing is arranged as an effort to maintain distance. “We also put up notice to remind every guest that maintaining cleanliness is very important in an effort to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission,” concluded Theresia Hyasinta. (BTN/015)

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