Taman Nusa Also Applies PPKM

Taman Nusa Also Applies PPKM

If the government implements the application of micro-based Community Creativity Restrictions (PPKM), people should not think if it does not apply to tourist objects. Moreover, the implementation of the PPKM is more stringent because every corner is guarded by officers who always remind us to always discipline the health protocol like the implementation of PPKM at the Taman Nusa Bali tourist attraction. The object located at Banjar Blahpane Kelod, Sidan Village, Gianyar, implements health protocols according to standards set by the government. Taman Nusa is open every day starting at 09:00 through 17:00 Local Time.

General Manager of Taman Nusa Bali, I Nyoman Murjana, stated that according to the Circular of the Bali Governor Number 5/2021 concerning the Extension of the PPKM in the New Era of Life in Bali Province taking effect from February 23 to March 8 also applies in the Taman Nusa Bali. Every business player has a healthy and Covid-19-free lifestyle and always applies the six health protocols, namely wearing standard mask correctly, washing hands, maintaining distance, reducing travel, increasing immunity, and obeying rules. “To implement the PPKM, we limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 50 percent of the available capacity,” he said.

During this pandemic period, especially in the implementation of PPKM, tourist visits to Taman Nusa have indeed decreased compared to visits before the pandemic. Nevertheless, the rules are still being implemented, so that they can help prevent the spread of Covid-19. As consequence, not all facilities are opened. It only opens one of the two existing restaurants, one of the four cafeterias and one of the two souvenir shops. “The number of visits on weekdays is very minimal but it will increase on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) with the average of 65 people per day. The visit is dominated by local Balinese visitors,” he explained.

Then, related to the national vaccination program for the tourism sector, Murjana admitted that he had registered through the link provided by the Bali Tourism Office. All tourism workers at Taman Nusa Bali, totaling 46, have been registered. “The vaccination mechanism is still waiting for updated information and instructions from the relevant agency. If the tourism players have participated in the vaccinations, we hope that Bali tourism will return to recover soon. Hopefully, tourists still choose Bali as their destination,” he said. (BTN/015)

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