Tanah Lot Attractions Stays in the Hearts of Tourists

Tanah Lot Attractions Stays in the Hearts of Tourists

Daily tourist visits to Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction reaches an average of 2,000 people. That number has been almost evenly distributed since the New Year 2022, which had experienced a spike. After experiencing an increase in the New Year, namely last January 1, the number of visits reached 6,104 tourists. Then, it decreased on January 2 to 3,586 people. “Well, after that the number ranged from 1,700 to 2,000 tourists,” said Division Head of the Promotion and Development, Jero Niti, recently.

After opening and implementing a new era of Balinese life by implementing the Health Protocol, there are always guests visiting the Tanah Lot. They are mostly domestic tourists from cities on the Island of Java that still remember the attraction featuring beautiful sunset. Visits are dominated by domestic tourists and local people that want to find a new atmosphere during their stay at home. “During this pandemic, the price of admission ticket to Tanah Lot attraction is still the same as before. For Domestic child is IDR 15,000 and adult at IDR 20,000, while for foreign tourists, child at IDR 30,000 and adult at IDR 60,000,” she explained.

Jero Niti further added that currently Tanah Lot attraction has no plans to hold promotional events or activities to attract tourist visits. The operator has not planned to make arrangements, considering that Bali is currently in the Enforcement of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) of level 3, so that it remains focused on strict implementation of health protocol. “Since it was reopened during the pandemic, Tanah Lot attraction has continued to implement the health protocol strictly. That is all we are doing right now,” said this energetic woman seriously.

Tanah Lot has also obtained a Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, prepared a PeduliLindungi scan that must be carried out by visitors. Apart from equipping strategic points with various health care facilities, such as hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers, the management also routinely sprays the areas with disinfectant. “Tourists who visit the Tanah Lot area are ready with their own health protocol equipment, such as wearing masks correctly, bringing their own hand sanitizer and always keeping their distance while in the object area,” said Jero Niti.

Nevertheless, the officers such as lifeguards and water police also carry out monitoring in the field, so that visitors always obey the health protocol. The officers conducted it throughout the attraction area, including the beach area. Besides, an appeal to always obey the health protocol is also carried out through loudspeakers, so that visitors who are not monitored hear the appeal. If the time has shown 19:00 Local Time, all visitors are welcome to return. “When it is time to close, the officers will check in all areas, so that no visitors are still left behind in the object area,” she concluded. (BTN/015)

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