Tanah Lot Keeps Being Beautified to Welcome Visitors

Tanah Lot Keeps Being Beautified to Welcome Visitors

Welcoming the recovery of Bali tourism as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tanah Lot tourist attraction continues to beautify itself. This time, the fence that stretches from the Penataran Temple area to the Batubolong Temple is made even sweeter and more beautiful. “Previously, it was an iron fence, but now it uses wood, so it is more beautiful, and eco-friendly. This fence is functioned to protect the edge of the cliff,” said the Division Head of Development and Promotion of Tanah Lot tourist attraction, Ni Made Suarniti, on Thursday (Jul 28).

At first, the iron fence was indeed strong, but lately it has been corroded. Perhaps, it happens because it is close to the beach, so it is quickly damaged by seawater blown by the wind. To make the fence stronger, we use ironwood, a special wood from Kalimantan. This wood is denser, so the fence becomes stronger. “This wooden fence is important as a safety for visitors who are enjoying the beauty of Tanah Lot from the edge of the cliff,” she explained seriously.

The arrangement of all the fences on the edge of the cliff is still in progress. The work began in May 2022, with a length of approximately 400 meters. All safety fences on the edge of the cliff will use wood. In addition to the cliff fence, the arrangement is also carried out on selfie spots that are widely used by visitors. Tanah Lot has many wonderful selfie spots. “The existing selfie spots are all set up to be better, safer and more comfortable. Currently, they are still in the planning stage, so everything has not been completed yet,” said Jero Niti, her nickname.

Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction is always interesting to visit. Every holiday, the number of tourist visits always flows. Moreover, after the tourist attraction located at Beraban Village, Kediri Subdistrict, Tabanan, has implemented the Health Protocol during this pandemic, the safety and comfort of visitors is always well maintained. “Since the opening of international flights and the facilities provided for potential tourists, visits to Tanah Lot have continued to rise. Currently, the average visit per day is 4,000 tourists with a composition of 70 percent of domestic and 30 percent of foreign tourists,” she said.

Jero Niti further added that Tanah Lot is an option for tourists to spend their holidays. Although it is not as busy as before the pandemic, during this pandemic the number of visits always exists. In other words, domestic tourists chiefly from cities on the Island of Java still remember the tourist attraction which offers the beautiful sunset. The temple in the middle of the sea becomes the attraction of every tourist making a visit. They constantly use Tanah Lot Temple as the background for their photos or selfies. Tourists often pass in the sand so that many tourists do wash their hands or face in holy water. Many are also sitting in the garden area while enjoying the peaceful natural atmosphere.

More interestingly, the tourists visiting the Tanah Lot area are used to their own Health Protocol equipment, such as wearing masks correctly, bringing their own hand sanitizer and always keeping their distance while in the object area. Besides, Tanah Lot has indeed prepared itself to welcome tourists. Strategic points have been equipped with various health care facilities, such as a station for washing hands and hand sanitizers, as well as routinely spraying the areas with disinfectants. “Tanah Lot has also won a Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability (CHSE) certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy,” she said happily. (BTN/015)

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