Tanah Lot Ready to Accept Return of Chinese Tourists

Tanah Lot Ready to Accept Return of Chinese Tourists

Foreign tourist visits have not shown an increasing graph after the opening of the international border on October 14, 2021, but all preparations must be made. Aside from health protocol facilities to make tourists safe, it is also related to Human Resources whose quality must always be improved. On that account, a total of 30 employees of Tanah Lot tourist attraction from various divisions attended the Mandarin language training.

The Mandarin language training was provided by the Tourism Confucius Institute (TCI) of Udayana University in the context of strengthening local tourism human resources at Tanah Lot tourist attraction. The mentoring activity was carried out for a month starting from October 8, 2021 until November 5, 2021. “We express our gratitude to TCI of Udayana University for facilitating this Mandarin language training activity. Hopefully, this activity will continue and provide benefits for all tourism players at Tanah Lot tourist attraction,” said Head of the Personnel Division of Tanah Lot tourist attraction management, Agus Tika, representing the Operations Manager, on the sidelines of the closing of the activity.

Agus Tika emphasized that the management is very much looking forward to receiving the offer of cooperation, especially for the provision of Mandarin language training because the training is very useful for improving the quality of service to staff that will provide services for tourists from China who will visit Tanah Lot. Prior to the pandemic, Tanah Lot was the choice for Chinese tourists to travel.

The Mandarin language training is carried out through classroom tutorial for a whole month with the distribution of the training schedule two times a week. The training time is one and a half hours centered at the Wantilan Hall of Tanah Lot. “This training is intended for tourism players at Tanah Lot to improve their language skills, especially Mandarin, considering that the number of tourist arrivals from China who visited Tanah Lot was very high before the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the Indonesian Director of TCI of Udayana University, I Made Sendra.

This training is expected to be practiced directly by the staff to every Chinese tourist who comes to DTW Tanah Lot, so that it will be able to improve the quality of service to every Chinese tourist visiting Tanah Lot. “Hopefully, the opening of international tourism having been carried out on October 14, 2021 will become a hope to restore the world of tourism in Bali in general and at Tanah Lot tourist attraction in particular,” he hoped.

The participants were very enthusiastic about participating in the activity because Mandarin is a new language for them to learn and has a high level of difficulty. In the teaching and learning process, especially during the training, more emphasis is placed on communication skills, especially in relation to daily conversations frequently used by tourism players at Tanah Lot tourist attraction when providing services for tourists. At the end of the activity, it was filled with making a video about Tanah Lot tourist attraction information in Mandarin language played by the Chinese training participants. (BTN/015)

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