Targeting Local Tourists, Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort Holds Basami

Targeting Local Tourists, Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort Holds Basami

During the pandemic and in the midst of the stipulation of Sanur as a Green Zone, Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort is aggressively attracting the domestic market and local tourists. This market becomes very potential before the opening of international tourism. To get to the market, the accommodation located at Jalan Pantai Sindhu No.14, Sanur, South Denpasar, Denpasar, organizes a Saturday-Sunday Bazaar called Basami. “We are working with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), especially those in Sanur and Denpasar,” said General Manager, I Nyoman Yuda Wirawan, on Tuesday (Jun 15).

Basami activities are only carried out every weekend, namely on Saturdays and Sundays. Basami has started to be carried out in the middle of the pandemic period, and has been running for approximately 6 months. In faithful implementation, it is quite capable of attracting public interest, especially local tourists visiting Sanur. “In the midst of the current situation, people seem to be getting tired of just staying at home. So, occasionally they do activities outside the home, such as visiting the beach. Seeing this opportunity, we, the management of Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel & Resort, take the initiative to hold a bazaar at a price that certainly adjusts to people’s pockets at this time,” he explained.

Basami activities are organized in cooperation with MSME players to join together in an effort to stimulate small businesses. “We hope that Basami activities will help them to be able to participate in selling and earning income in the midst of this difficult situation,” he said.

More importantly, the entire series of implementation of Basami activities is followed by the implementation of the health protocol. “We consistently monitor and implement health protocols by requiring each visitor and seller to wear masks, regulate and maintain distance, and wash hands with soap to provide a sense of comfort and safety,” he added.

Starting from this week, the Basami activities are also enlivened with various children’s competitions and acoustics. Food products are served with prices ranging from IDR 5,000 to IDR 20,000. “This price will certainly be very affordable for people who visit Sindhu Beach. We hope this kind of program can attract tourist visits and help economic turnover, especially for hotels and SMEs,” concluded Yuda Wirawan. (BTN/015)

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