Taste Delicacy of Rendang Spaghetti at The 101 Bali Fontana Seminyak

Taste Delicacy of Rendang Spaghetti at The 101 Bali Fontana Seminyak

THE 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak officially launched a new signature dish which is an original recipe of fusion food from Executive Chef of THE 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak, familiarly addressed as Chef Soma. Fusion food is a combination of more than one ingredient and technique and more than one regional or international cuisine in one dish. “We launched this menu on April 1, 2022, and it can be enjoyed at Sunny16 Café, Jalan Dewi Sri No.68 as a special menu from Sunny16 Café,” said Marcom Executive / Executive Secretary, Esty Rahardyan, on Friday (May 6)

The new menu can be enjoyed every day from 07:00 to 23:00. Rendang Spaghetti is a combination of Western and Indonesian cuisine, namely spaghetti pasta with Indonesian spices from Sumatra which features a rich aroma and taste of spices with a complete blend of spices and coconut milk. Thus, it provides a unique taste experience on the tongue. “Rendang Spaghetti is sold at IDR 55,000 net per portion, and you can have enjoyed the menu, including one glass of iced tea,” she added.

The launch of this signature dish is the initial gateway to the opening of fusion menus at Sunny 16 Café and Portabella Bistro to introduce to consumers that THE 1O1 Bali Fontana Seminyak is committed to providing something new every year. “This time we want to introduce the taste of Indonesia which is rich in spices in Western food. This menu will provide a new experience for tourists who are vacationing in Bali,” she said. (BTN/015)

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