Taste Gerang Asem and Pork Satay with Awag at 87 Grilled House

Taste Gerang Asem and Pork Satay with Awag at 87 Grilled House

If getting bored to enjoy those very same menus, once in a while try eating a variety of unique and delicious menus at 87 Grilled House. This restaurant located in the area on Jalan Melasti Legian (the Legian Art Market area, opposite to Kimia Farma Drugstore) offers a special menu named Gerang Asem and Pork Satay with awag or casual condiment. These two menus are most frequently hunted by food lovers. “We have customers coming from Gianyar just to enjoy the culinary delights,” said Jack, accompanied by Dewa Danu as the owner of the 87 Grilled House food stall.

Kuta and Legian as favorite tourist areas are indeed famous for Balinese culinary delights, especially pork menus. As a newcomer, the 87 Grilled House also has a lot of customers. The various menus served have a very distinctive taste. Indeed, the basic ingredients of the two menus are commonplace, namely pork and base genep (complete Balinese seasoning) for the basic ingredients of the pork satay. Meanwhile, the gerang asem menu uses pumpkin and chopped spices.

The way it is served is also different, so that it attracts people’s desire to taste it. Now what distinguishes it here is the accompanying condiment which they call the sambal awag or literally means ‘casual condiment.’ “Why is it called casual condiment? When I take it seriously, my customers are even complaining, how come it does not taste good? So, based on such inspiration we name it the casual condiment,” said Jack, who is also the originator of the casual condiment.

One portion of the pork satay menu is sold for IDR 20,000 while the gerang asem is IDR 15,000. The price is relatively affordable when compared to similar menus on offer elsewhere.

Besides, this food stall also provides other menus such as chicken satay, crispy pork belly and grilled chicken. More uniquely, it also offers the magibung (communal eating) menu filled with pork or chicken satay, casual condiment and rice bag. Well, simply make your time to enjoy these delicious menus. The 87 Grilled House is open from 15:00 local time until it runs out.

Meanwhile, what about the implementation of the health protocol? Warung 87 Grilled House has strictly implemented it. The hand washing facility is located at the entrance to the food cart, making it easy for customers to see and reach. In the meantime, hand sanitizers are placed on each dining table.

“The table spacing is also carefully arranged. If before the pandemic one table could be occupied by 4 people, but this time it is only by 2 people. When customers are overflowing, they must be ready to queue. We also clean up the area using a disinfectant,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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