Tenganan Pegringsingan Village Ranked First Nationally

Tenganan Pegringsingan Village Ranked First Nationally

The Regent of Karangasem immediately received an award for being named as one of the leading tourist destinations in Karangasem as the Best Tourism Village in the Trisakti Tourism Award 2021. This prestigious event named Tenganan Pegringsingan Village as the first National Best in the Cultural Tourism Village category.

It is not easy to be complacent. When met after receiving this award in Jakarta on Thursday (Aug 26), he actually felt to get challenged in developing a tourism village in his region. Not only one, even he hoped in the same event next year, 22 tourism villages in Karangasem District can grab achievements in all categories.

“We have to maintain, preserve and support these tourism villages. Right now, only one village that can win, but we want the 22 tourism villages will also be able to compete. Furthermore, we will focus and provide guidance for other villages to package the potential in their respective village well, so that they can attract the attention of the tourism world,” he said while hoping that when the pandemic passes, tourism in Karangasem would be ready to present the potential at each village as one of the strengths in attracting tourists to come back.

The Trisakti Tourism Award 2021 competition with the theme of Tourism Village was participated by 242 districts/cities across Indonesia. There are four categories of Tourism Villages contested, namely the Nature Tourism Village, Cultural Tourism Village, Creative Tourism Village, and Culinary-Based Tourism Village categories. (BTN/014)

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