The Charm of Pasut Beach

The Charm of Pasut Beach

Getting accustomed to visiting Kuta, Pandawa, Tanjung Benoa or Canggu Beach? Once upon a time, try to travel to Pasut Beach located at Tibubiyu village, Kerambitan, Tabanan. The location is about 14 km from the center of Tabanan town, and about 32 km from Denpasar via a one-way road to Tanah Lot tourist attraction. If you travel to that fine black sandy beach, it will never be boring because during your visit there are always interesting things to spice up your trip. Through the village remaining beautiful, there are green rice fields with farmer activities as well as the art and cultural activities that have become part of the life of the local population.

Pasut Beach offers different natural scenery, so that it can provide a more magnificent tourist experience. However, this beach is only popular among local residents. It means that not many travel agencies have made it a mandatory tour destination on the Island of the Gods. However, do not ask about the local people who often take advantage of this beach as a place for soaking and bathing. Elementary and junior high school students often use the fine sand to make sand sculptures. When there is a grade promotion activity, the students are invited by their teachers to make sand sculptures on this beach.

Such art activity makes the beach unique with a calm and peaceful atmosphere, so that it is suitable for those who need to get refreshed to places away from the hustles and bustles of the city. Pasut Beach, whose coastal area is sloping, has blue seawater because it is an open sea (Indian Ocean). When making a visit in the afternoon, tourists will be able to see the beautiful sunset. “In the past, before the pandemic, there were always tourists who watched the sunset on this beach. They were sitting on the beach while waiting for the sunset,” said a trader asking for anonymity.

Indeed Pasut Beach is just right for relaxing. On holidays, children from nearby villages use this beach as a venue to play football. Meanwhile, the others often come to ride bicycles or even motorbikes along the shoreline. Unlike the case with people who are devoted to spirituality who often take advantage of the beach in the West with the sanctity and aura of the Segara Temple. On particular days, visitors will be able to witness local residents performing religious ceremonies. “Recently, many residents have exercised to increase their immunity,” added the friendly woman.

The luster of the black sand in the sun at night looks very beautiful. On the seashore, neat fishing boats are lined up to complement the charm of this tourist attraction in the Tabanan area. Young couple also often take advantage of the sea view and the traditional boats as a venue for pre-wedding photos.

Since it is beautiful and peaceful, in this coastal area there are also villas, hotels and inns intended for those who want to stay overnight and feel the natural and calm atmosphere and peace at night. “Likewise, there are residents who jog or just have a promenade on the beach. They want to feel the fresh sea breeze and the air away from pollution,” said the man who was shopping at the local stall. (BTN/015)

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