The Healing Tanah Hyang, a Special Interest Tourist Object in Badung

The Healing Tanah Hyang, a Special Interest Tourist Object in Badung

Tourists who have experienced the trekking route at Bindu village surely know the location exuding a positive aura called the Healing Tanah Hyang. The tourism area offering prominent healing activities is now designated as a special interest tourist destination by the Badung Government in accordance with the Badung Regent Regulation No. 38/2019 concerning the determination of Special Interest Tourist Attractions. On that account, to prove the specificity of the tourist object, tourists must come to feel it. Apart from seeing with the eyes, they must come in person because this is a matter of taste and heart.

The Healing Tanah Hyang is located within the area of Subak Tanah Hyang, Munduk Gebang, Bindu customary village, Mekar Bhuwana, Abiansemal, Badung. This area has beautiful, cool rice fields and is filled with various types of herbal plants specifically used for healing needs. “Of the 75 destinations surveyed, the Badung Government then set eight special interest destinations, where one of which is the Healing Tanah Hyang as spiritual tourism, namely for healing,” said the Owner and Manager, I Gusti Ketut Mudita, on Monday (Nov. 2).

As a healing tourism spot, the Healing Tanah Hyang heals holistically from the whole target to soul and mind. All the limbs are shaken by the aura at this place. Of course, one must do it with confidence. “This is what residents who have done healing here feel. Foreign tourists also feel the same. They can just feel, but cannot express it,” he explained.

The products on offer are actually continuing the ancestral traditions. Formerly, his grandparents and great-grandparents run the healing practices. Next, no one wanted to continue, so it was neglected for long period of time. Ultimately, the building was made new again, but the location remains the same as the origin. “This location is usually used for meditation, agni hotra and other spiritual activities,” said this calm man.

Tanah Hyang is also passed by trekking route in the tourism village. When participants arrive at the Healing Tanah Hyang area, they will attend a prayascita (purificatory) ceremony, and then are given tridatu (red-white-black) threads. “When returning to their home country, they will automatically introduce our culture. They get something unique but not all people like it. So, this tourist spot is called a special interest,” explained Mudita, who is also a traditional healer.

Mudita added there is also a procession of melukat with holy water in a spring in the form of a small pool, to be precise in the small mound having energy center in question. It is located at Munduk Gebang, but still within the Tanah Hyang area.

“The travelers coming to special interest tourist attractions are not looking for pleasure, but for peace of mind. The place is ordinary, having a pavilion and rice fields but not due to the beauty of the rice fields but its positive aura. We are grateful that this also has an impact on the environment of Bindu Village, so that it has a clean, beautiful and comfortable village environment,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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