The Kayon Hotels and Resorts Comes with Authentic Concept

The Kayon Hotels and Resorts Comes with Authentic Concept

The Kayon Hotels and Resorts is a new management that offers extraordinary things for tourists who love the natural atmosphere, Balinese culture and feel the real nature of Ubud. The Kayon Resort Ubud as the beginning of the creation of The Kayon Hotels and Resorts built in 2013 and officially opened in 2014. Meanwhile, The Kayon Jungle Resort as the second part of The Kayon Hotels and Resorts was built in 2017 and officially opened in 2019 at Payangan Village, Gianyar, Bali.

As a new operator, The Kayon Hotels and Resorts presents services with a true hospitality concept to the world. The products owned put forward the concept of blending with the surrounding environment. The existing community is involved, so that it becomes a unique product that is not only felt by guests, but also the surrounding community.

In the ranks of Board of Director of The Kayon Hotels and Resort, Putu Suryawan serving as President Director and Farah Palupi as Vice President Director trusted I Wayan Sucitra as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) starting from September 1, 2022.

CEO Wayan Sucitra stated that The Kayon Hotels and Resort with real hospitality has received various awards as a resort for honeymoon destinations and as a holiday destination that is able to make businesses grow rapidly, reaching an average occupancy rate of up to 97 percent. “This has brought us to become a leading Five Star Resort with a high reputation,” said Sucitra at Kepitu Restaurant, The Kayon Jungle Resort, on Thursday (Sep 1).

The Kayon Hotels and Resort has a clear vision to deliver a Boutique Resort experience with true and conceptual hospitality. Its mission is to preserve natural habitats and respect local culture in every resort design. Besides, with the spirit of hospitality by welcoming everyone, it is like coming to your own home. “We are confident to be able to mix and match The Kayon’s true hospitality with a touch of international standards and bring The Kayon’s good name to the world,” explained this friendly man.

CEO Wayan Sucitra admitted that with such hospitality the hotel will present a real and thematic boutique hotel experience. The authentic concept that animates The Kayon is a philosophy that makes colleagues part of the family, and serves guests as well as family or relatives who come to the house by making them special at all times and making them feel hard to leave  ‘our house.’

Kayon means ‘the essence of life.’ Kayon in the puppet performances symbolizes the universe with flawless goodness and impeccable elegance. “By staying at one of The Kayon Hotels and Resorts, you can feel the spirit of hospitality, where every guest is greeted with a warm smile, sincere from the heart, full of elegance and all of them are dedicated to complete your happiness and satisfaction,” he added.  (BTN/015)

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