The Kayon Jungle Resort Launches “Juicy Bebek Kayon”

The Kayon Jungle Resort Launches “Juicy Bebek Kayon”

The increase in tourist visits during the Christmas and New Year holidays seemed to give a new spirit to the tourism industry. This also prompted The Kayon Jungle Resort to launch a new menu entitled Juicy Bebek Kayon (Juicy Kayon Duck) on Saturday (Jan 22). This menu is the signature dish of the Kepitu Restaurant located at the resort. “We choose this duck as the signature dish because the duck has a distinctive aroma and a more tender and soft texture,” said General Manager, Wayan Sucitra.

Juicy Bebek Kayon is very tasty indeed. When being served, the outside part is crispy, but once opened the texture of the meat is very soft and delicious. Just tasting the meat is already delicious. Moreover, it is combined with three condiments, namely the raw onion condiment, green chili condiment and fried onion condiment. In addition to the three condiments, this menu is served with mixed vegetables in grated coconut sauce and white rice with an authentic taste, and surely it is typical of Ubud. The first taste was crispy and soft inside. “When conditions are like today, we usually spend 15 ducks,” he added.

Sucitra added that the idea of Juicy Bebek Kayon was initiated by the owner wishing to have something at The Kayon Jungle Resort. Tourists do not only stay and eat at this resort, but there is something unique that guests can enjoy. “We then coordinated this idea with Chef Nyoman Artawa. After trying it through food testing, we found a concoction like today’s menu. We are happy because it has the signature,” said the man who is experienced in the hospitality industry.

Juicy Bebek Kayon is not only the signature menu of The Kayon Jungle Resort but also The Kayon Resort Ubud. Prior to being launched, Juicy Bebek Kayon was introduced to tourists. Guests gave very good responses. “This resort is mostly visited by tourists who get information from Online Travel Agents (OTA), from travel agents and directly come. They usually ask for this duck menu,” he added.

The Juicy Bebek Kayon launch procession lasted very uniquely. Two dancers accompanied by traditional gamelan brought the beautifully decorated Juicy Bebek Kayon to the stage. After being placed on the table, the owner I Putu Suryawan with his wife Farah Palupi and accompanied by Wayan Sucitra then tasted the duck menu as an official sign that it was the resort’s signature menu. The invitees consisting of General Managers, Sales and tourists then supported with applause.

The Kayon Jungle Resort is one of the best resorts in Ubud located in Bresela Village, Payangan, Gianyar, or about 25 minutes’ drive from Ubud. This resort has received various awards such as the winner of World Luxury Hotel Award and the Indonesia Travel and Tourism Award. The resort is equipped with two restaurants, a pool and bar as well as a spa outlet that makes it one of the resorts that are of interest to local and foreign tourists. (BTN/015)

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