The Origin of the Name of the German Beach in Bali

The Origin of the Name of the German Beach in Bali

Bali has abundant natural attractions, one of which is the beach. Of the several choices of beach tourist destinations that Bali has to offer, there is one beach that is very tranquil, namely German Beach. This Jerman Beach is precisely located on Jalan Wana Segara, Tuban Customary Village, Kuta, Badung. The location is still in the popular beach areas of Bandung, Seminyak, Double Six and Kuta Bali.

The naming of this Bali tourist beach is also inseparable from its past history. In the past, on this beach there was a harbor called Kuta Harbor. The harbor is a docking and trading place for traders from outside Bali and outside Indonesia. Moreover, the Kuta Harbor used to be the most important harbor in South Bali region.

However, gradually this harbor no longer operated due to abrasion. This also made this place change its function to a residential area, especially for German residents. From there, this beach became known as the German Beach. However, currently there is no housing left for German residents due to seawater erosion.

Apart from being known as German Beach, this tourist area is also known as Segara Beach. However, the name German Beach is more popular and has become an icon for this beach. The German coast has a long coastline. Additionally, the coast of this beach looks clean without coral rocks.

Tourists can do various activities here, such as playing football, playing volleyball, and watching the sunset. Apart from these fun activities, tourists can also see the beauty of boats owned by local residents. Around the German Beach, there are local community settlements, most of whom make their living as fishermen. It is not surprising that around this beach there are many traditional boats with outriggers on the right and left of the boat side.

Tourists can also rent the boat to get around. Aside from the things mentioned above, German Beach also has another attraction, namely the view of planes taking off and landing because this beach is located close to Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. (BTN/014)

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