The Privileges of Room #77 at Inna Bali Heritage Hotel

The Privileges of Room #77 at Inna Bali Heritage Hotel

Room #77, which is a suite room, is frequently said to be Bung Karno’s room because he often stayed here. Then, her daughters like Megawati also liked to stay in this room, especially during the New Order era or before becoming party chairperson. Moreover, when Mrs. Megawati was a child, she often came to this hotel with her parents, who really liked staying here, such as for family events, banquets for state guests, and so on. “However, after serving as Party Chairperson, she started to come here less frequently,” said I Nyoman Yuda Wirawan the General Manager of Inna Bali Heritage Hotel

Apart from that, other cadres, such as Tjahjo Kumolo, former Minister of Home Affairs, also chose room number 77 when staying at this hotel. If Tjahjo Kumolo went to Bali, he would definitely stop by and stay at this hotel. When staying here, many colleagues were present, so this room was often busy. They sometimes hung out until the early hours of the morning.

On the day of Bung Karno’s birth or death, there were people who came to stay in this room. Several religious participants or those with spiritual powers performed thanksgiving to commemorate Soekarno’s birthday. Every year there are always some people coming here. Maybe they have the same feelings or a special spiritual connection, so there is something very special. “This room is still being sold to the general public because there are also fanatics who want to stay here. There are even people who have spiritual capabilities who have stayed in this room for 3-4 days,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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