The Team of The Haven Suites Bali Prays at Dalem Kahyangan Temple

The Team of The Haven Suites Bali Prays at Dalem Kahyangan Temple

Employees and the General Manager of The Haven Suite Bali Berawa held a prayer together at Dalem Kahyangan Temple, Berawa customary village, Tibubeneng Village, North Kuta subdistrict, Badung, on Thursday (Jul 29). The prayer is carried out in a series with Ngenteg Linggih ceremony at the local temple situated in the tourist area of ​​Berawa Beach.

“The Haven Suite Bali Berawa is very close to the temple location, so that we prayed for safety and expression of gratitude for God,” said Marketing Communication Executive, Bella Ayu Virdani, after the prayer some time ago.

The whole team departed together from the hotel by riding a buggy for approximately 15 minutes to reach the location of Dalem Kahyangan Temple. During prayer activities, all people were required to follow the Health Protocol by wearing masks, keeping a distance when praying and washing hands in the places provided before entering the temple area.

Ambience of the temple is so quiet and clean, making prayers last more solemnly. Before leaving the temple area, the hotel entourage has the opportunity to capture the moment with the local temple priests or those who led the worship on that day. “This prayer also aims to strengthen the friendship between the hotel and the surrounding community,” said Bella as she is familiarly called.

In other words, Bella explained that in Hinduism of Bali, when a family or community group builds a holy place or after repairing a holy place, the community will perform a series of Ngenteg Linggih ceremonies. This ceremony is intended to purify all the shrines after being repaired as a worship of God Almighty, either in the form of Padmasana or Sanggah Pemerajan and other temples after completing the whole construction. (BTN/015)

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