‘The Wounds That No One Can See’ Art Exhibition at ARTOTEL Sanur

‘The Wounds That No One Can See’ Art Exhibition at ARTOTEL Sanur

Three talented young artists from Yogyakarta and Bali hold a new art exhibition at ARTOTEL Sanur. The exhibition lasts for two months, from September 9 to November 9, 2022. This time the exhibition entitled The Wounds That No One Can See involves Eka Sudarma Putra (Bali), Herman Priyono (Yogyakarta) and Surya Subratha (Bali).

The Wounds That No One Can See is an exhibition that emerges from the close and personal conversations of each artist involved. They have something in common involving lines and playing in black and white zones. The three artists connect their feelings and thoughts through experiences they have never expressed before in an exhibition or public space.

The symbols scattered in their works become a sign and express beautiful meanings when discussed with the artists. The Wounds That No Once Can See is a bridge for the artists to connect and communicate with art connoisseurs, and vice versa.

Eka Sudarma Putra is known for his bold lines and playing through the textures that can be found in his works. The works displayed this time take many scenes from his daily life at Sanur village, starting from Mertasari Beach to one of the important temples not far from the location of ARTOTEL Sanur.

The figure Herman Priyono does not look like his romantic and tragic works. One of Herman’s works entitled Heart of the Sea depicts a woman’s head in the form of an ocean. He wants to symbolize how deep a woman’s heart is beyond the depth of the ocean. Herman includes three new works in therapeutic small sizes.

Meanwhile, Surya Subratha spends his artistic activities between Bali and Yogyakarta, and this time he wants to tell about the search for a Lingam-Yoni, an idea he found while looking for Lingam-Yoni around temples in Yogyakarta to a Lingam whose Yoni was lost at Pejeng, Bali.

The opening of The Wounds That No One Can See exhibition also featured dance artist Ayu Anantha Putri who responded to the works of the three artists. Ayu Anantha is one of the founders of the Kerta Art dance studio in Ubud. She cultivated hurt emotions in a dance that involved the invitees and artists to move the dance. It showed the wounds that could not be seen and actually involved a lot of emotions from the various energies that receive them.

In the meantime, General Manager of ARTOTEL Sanur–Bali, Agus Ade Surya Wirawan, stated that it is an honor for ARTOTEL Sanur to be able to work with Yogyakarta and Balinese artists through similarities involving lines and playing in black and white zones. He hoped The Wounds That No One Can See exhibition can be enjoyed by all Indonesian contemporary art lovers in Bali and especially guests of ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali. “This exhibition can be visited from September 9 to November 9 for 24 hours every day at Artspace ARTOTEL Sanur,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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