Thousands of Fireflies at The Sun Heaven Resort

Thousands of Fireflies at The Sun Heaven Resort

Do you still remember The Sun Heaven Resort Ubud? The accommodation located at Banjar Pinjul, Kendran, Tegallalang, Gianyar, has a unique firefly conservation. At night, this tourist attraction can provide new experiences and education, in addition to the quality of resort services.

So, do not be surprised when the Fireflies Education Tour was opened on Friday (Oct. 30), visitors immediately thronged. While enjoying the menu in the beautiful rice fields, they were willing to wait for the tourist attraction to be officially opened.Visitors then took turns watching the small animals emitting the light after subdistrict head of Tegallalang Komang Alit Adnyana, the owner Yosy Irawan, comedian Dodit Mulyanto, and Resort Manager Gede Sedana released the balloon as a sign of the opening of the new tourist attraction.

Visitors walked in the overlay of rice fields on natural bamboo footpaths. At every corner and edge of the bamboo path, there is a gazebo where visitors can eat or enjoy a snack before getting the turn to enter the firefly tourist location.Gede Sedana stated that in the area there are around 2,000 fireflies. The tiny animals were introduced two months ago. The garden in the surrounding area is beautifully laid out, so that it can provide a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere. “Based on a study, fireflies are currently endangered because their population has decreased. 

On that account, The Sun Heaven Resort requires conservation, so that it can help provide and replace their natural habitat. By that way, fireflies can breed and maintain their population,” he said.Other than intended for conservation, The Sun Heaven Resort also wants to introduce this unique insect to the world. Educational tours provide benefits and new insights about fireflies for the community and visitors.

By making this conservation an educational tour, visitors can get to know more closely, see firsthand and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of these luminous insects. “We want to provide additional attractions for tourists staying at this resort. We are very grateful that amid this pandemic, The Sun Heaven Resort always has guests. Now, all the rooms are occupied,” he said happily.Fireflies are often found in rice fields and open areas which are still beautiful and get off from this pollution. “Because of its uniqueness to emit light and its population is increasingly difficult, the fireflies then become the icon of The Sun Heaven. In addition, the presence of fireflies around us shows that our area is still beautiful and well-preserved because these insects are very sensitive to environmental conditions,” he explained.

In the future, his management will help the surrounding rice fields to produce organic rice. To maintain the firefly population, it is required to have beautiful rice fields and conditions and avoid the use of pesticides and pollution. “We will synergize with the surrounding community for branding this educational tour to become an object of encouragement for an ecofriendly movement that will enrich insight and preserve the fireflies themselves,” he determined. (BTN/015)

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