Timeless Fine Art Exhibition at Konderatu Beach Club

Timeless Fine Art Exhibition at Konderatu Beach Club

The exhibition lasting from December 21, 2020 to January 1, 2021 did not only present works of art, but was also combined with cuisines, beverage, cocktail, artifact & textile, handicraft, foot massage, hair cut, fashion and virus keeper that merged into one in an art activity. More interestingly, I Gede Made Surya Darma responded to the exhibition’s theme by presenting paintings with the theme of fruits entitled Out of the Box.

Konderatu Beach Club, located at Jalan Segara Madu, Kelan Beach No.3, South Kuta, Badung, displayed the works of maestro I Nyoman Gunarsa and I Wayan Bendi posing the collections of Konderatu.

Meanwhile, Surya Darma presented seven paintings with the theme to positively respond to the Timeless Fine Art Exhibition. “Number 7 is a symbol in the story of creation day in spirituality,” said the artist from Senganan Village, Penebel, Tabanan, on Thursday (Dec. 24).

As a painter, Surya Darma admitted to have prepared the exhibition for seven days as a symbol of the day of creation. “This is inspired by the belief of the Hebrew people, where God created this universe for seven days, six days, starting from the light that illuminates the darkness on the first day, and ended on the creation of mankind on the seventh day. Then, it rested and blessed on the seventh day, rest (Genesis Creation Narrative),” he explained.

The artwork on display entitled Hot in Three is a substance in three colors and becomes a person which is analogous to the interpretation of belief, manifesting in three inseparable color aspects of life symbolized with the eternity of the Trinity. Hot in Six in the book of genesis, Genesis Creation Narrative, there are six inseparable times in the process of creating this painting by composing different colored peppers and chilies.

According to him, the work entitled Out of the Box addresses the tragedy currently hitting the world, namely Covid-19. Lots of people think in terms of negative side, but as an artist he tries to think in terms of positive side to encourage himself and adapt to this situation. “Go Green is inspired by the nature around us which has been contaminated by pollution, industrial waste, garbage and other environmental pollution. For this reason, as a painter, I speak out about the importance of a green environment for us and for the future of humanity,” he added.

Cave to Heaven is a metaphorical work to motivate oneself towards happiness, metaphor of the path to achieving a life goal. Red Wine work signifies a symbol of a process to find the essence of grapefruit fermented to become wine. Photosynthesis is a chemical combustion process through green substances assisted by solar energy to convert CO2 produced by living things and recycled by trees through leaves to produce O2 for human life. “Being a symbolic teacher, as human beings we will not be able to live alone. We are always dependent on one another as the photosynthesis process occurs,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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