Tirta Buana Waterfall Makes You Come and Come Again

Tirta Buana Waterfall Makes You Come and Come Again

If you have free time, take a vacation to the Tirta Buana Waterfall once in a while. This natural tourist destination is located in Tempek Panti, Banjar Batu Dingding, Pegadungan, Sukasada, Buleleng. Once come, it must make you addictive because this attraction is still thick with its natural beauty. So don’t be surprised if Tirta Buana Waterfall is never empty of visitors, be it local people, domestic or foreign tourists.

Located in the mountains, the destination offers a cool, beautiful atmosphere and very clear water making it perfect for swimming, relaxing or picnicking with family. The water of waterfall comes out of the bowels of the earth between the rocks which in Balinese term it is known as klebutan (spring). The water immediately slides and plunges down. The advantage of Tirta Buana Waterfall is that the water never recedes, like a seasonal waterfall or an artificial waterfall.

Tirta Buana Waterfall has water with the height of 15 meters where the water is very clear and quite cool. The water temperature averages 15oC, the air is still clean and free of air pollution. It is very close from the center of Singaraja Town, namely about 23 km, or 42 minutes to travel. From the parking lot, the distance is about 200 meters. The road can be passed through by 4-wheeled vehicles and has been equipped with a parking area for tourism. Don’t be afraid to get lost because in every corner there have been directions to get to the location of the tourist attraction. You can also go through the Google Map to get to the tourist destination.

This destination has been equipped with supporting facilities, such as parking lots for motorbikes and cars, good road access, changing toilets, swimming pools, self-contained places, trash cans and places to relax.

In managing the Tirta Buana Waterfall, the Headman of Pegadungan receives appreciation from the Head of the Buleleng Tourism Office in developing tourism potential in his village area. Even though it is still in the process of structuring, managing and developing it to comply with the tourism laws and regulations, this destination is already busy with tourists. The potential is very supportive, so that in the future it is hoped to have programs and the concept of developing tourist destinations into best tourism. (BTN/015)

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