Tourism Players Hope More Countries to Enjoy VoA

Tourism Players Hope More Countries to Enjoy VoA

The struggle of the Bali Provincial Government in restoring Bali tourism has received appreciation from hotel operators. Foreign tourist visits have started to appear since the international border was opened. Not only that, the absence of quarantine and non-PCR policies for tourists who have received full vaccines greatly affected hotel occupancy rates. “Regarding the government’s policy, our hotel has also started to improve, namely with the arrival of foreign tourists,” said General Manager of The Kayon Jungle Resort, Wayan Sucitra, on Monday (May 23).

Currently, the struggle of Bali Provincial Government to ask for the status of the pandemic to become endemic in Bali will certainly have a very positive impact on the recovery of Bali tourism having been visible since the international border was opened previously. The change in Bali’s status from a pandemic to an endemic will be able to provide positive value for cultural-based Bali tourism. “We hope that more countries can apply for a Visa on Arrival (VOA), so that tourists from various countries can enter Bali. I think the government has done it and hopefully this year will be the moment for Bali to recover,” he said calmly.

International airlines that fill in flight slots at Ngurah Rai International Airport are hope for the tourism sector, especially hotel operators. As a hotel operator that offers a cool atmosphere in the middle of a tropical forest, he always makes an effort and way so that information about Bali that has been opened can reach his customers overseas. “Tourists who have made reservations come from Europe and Australia, but the number is still very small. Honestly, we cannot predict with certainty what month it will be crowded,” said this man in a flat tone.

Sucitra further added that for now the domestic tourist market gives a very good meaning for Bali tourism. Domestic tourist visits who already know the quality of The Kayon Jungle Resort usually make room reservations directly. The resort located at Bresela hamlet and village, Payangan, Gianyar, offers a very exquisite view. This village area really maintains its local wisdom and does its cultural activities well so that people are very friendly. “Frankly speaking, I’ve learned a lot about genuine hospitality after working here. The first time working in the Ubud tourism area really offered something different,” he added.

The Kayon Jungle Resort featuring 38 rooms and consisting of 20 Suite Rooms and 18 Villas is known as a very romantic hideaway. The pool is terraced with views of the tropical forest which is able to provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere. “Our facilities, such as a spa, yoga pavilion, gym and other activities such as trekking, cycling and other activities make our resort more popular among tourists,” concluded Sucitra. (BTN/015)

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