Tourism Players Support Policy of Bali Govt to Make Bali Endemic

Tourism Players Support Policy of Bali Govt to Make Bali Endemic

Bali tourism players welcome the plan of the Bali Provincial Government that will submit an application to the Minister of Health or the Central Government to change the status of Bali from a pandemic to endemic. This can accelerate the recovery of Bali tourism which supports the Bali’s economy. “We tourism practitioners really support the Bali governor’s plan. Hopefully, this certainty will be immediately given to the Ministry of Health or the Central Government,” said Chairman of the Bali Villa Association (BVA), Putu Gede Hendrawan.

Bali tourism players must prepare themselves as well as possible if the endemic has been determined. Tourism players and local governments must prepare things that can later provide comfort for tourists who come and spend their holidays on the Island of the Gods. “One thing that needs to be discussed again is Visa on Arrival (VoA) because currently there are still complaints as the price is considered too high and too expensive. In my opinion, it should be returned to normal conditions as ever before, so that more tourists intend to vacation in Bali,” he said.

Other points that need to be done in anticipating the booming arrival of foreign tourists entering Bali are facilities and infrastructure at the airport, transportation and pedestrians in tourist objects. They need to be paid attention, and there are parties thinking about it, so that tourists who visit Bali can also see that the beautiful places are well organized. Service facilities at villas or tourist attractions must remain comfortable. Accommodations train their staff and prepare villa facilities so that tourists stay safe and comfortable. “We hope that the endemic in Bali is not just a news issue, so it should pay attention to several points to support it,” he said.

The change in status from pandemic to endemic in Bali is one of the means for all tourism players and tourism stakeholders in Bali in attracting the tourist market. Apart from supporting the efforts of the Bali Provincial Government, he is also committed to continuing to synergize with the government and PHRI as the parent organization of tourism in Bali. By that way, it can carry out the vision and mission of the organization of the owners and operators of the villas in Bali. “We at BVA appreciate the measures having been taken by the governor. We do hope that the central government will approve the proposal soon,” concluded Jro Hendra, his nickname.

This chairman of the BVA for the 2021-2026 period admitted that the occupancy of villas after Eid holidays has decreased again. The decline is still at 20 percent. For this reason, he hoped that positive issues must be considered again to support the tourism sector in the future. “Good news is important to be disseminated because we are still in the recovery stage because the tourism sector is the driving force behind Bali’s economy. That’s why let’s work together to maintain the order in Bali related to security and comfort,” he concluded. (BTN/015)

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